Optics CCLI Project

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Improving Conceptual Understanding and Complex Problem Solving Skills in Intermediate Optics.

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AAPT 2009 Winter Meeting Talk "Active learning using tutorials in intermediate physics."

AAPT 2009 Winter Meeting Talk "Modifying the Optics Laboratory for greater conceptual understanding."

INAAPT 2008 Meeting Presentation "Improving intermediate optics for greater conceptual understanding."

AAPT 2007 Summer Meeting Talk "Improving intermediate optics for greater conceptual understanding"

AAPT 2006 summer meeting Talk "Revision of optics for greater conceptual understanding"

Concept Map of the new labs



Directed Tutorials

Introduction to Optics Laboratories - Description of methodology and philosophy

Concept Map

Lab 1 - Point Extended Sources

Lab 2 - Refraction

Lab 3 - Image formation

Lab 4 - Lenses 1

Lab 5 - Lenses II

Lab 6 - Lenses III

Lab 7 - Reflections

Lab 8 - Curved Mirrors

Lab 9 - Polarization I

Lab 10 - Polarization II

Lab 11 - Polarization III


Concept Map

WS1 - relating waves to rays

WS1b - Amplitude and Spatial Extent

WS1c - Longitudinal Waves

WS1d - Longitudinal-transverse waves

WS2 - Light as a particle

WS3 - Use Tutorials in Physics sources and shadows

WS4 - Intensity and Irradiance

WS5 - Scattering

WS6 - Fermat's Principle

WS7 - Apparent Depth

WS8 - Total Internal Reflection

WS9 - Mirrors

WS10 - Reflection from curved surfaces

WS11 - Curved refracting surface

WS12 - lens observations

WS13 - Double surface refraction

WS14 - Wavefronts

WS14b - lenses

WS15 - Chromatic Aberration

WS16 - Aberrations II

WS17 - Coma

WS17 - Coma investigation

WS18 - Stops

WS19 - Image Distortion

WS20 - Simple Magnifier

WS21 - Camera DOF

WS22 - The eye

WS23 - Eye Corrections

WS24 - Microsocopes and Telescopes

WS25 - Wave equation EM

WS26 - Poynting Vector

WS27 - Interference intro

WS28 - Interference

WS29 - Evanescent waves and total internal reflection

WS30 - Polarization




Directed Tutorials

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

Lab 4

Lab 5

Lab 6

Prelab 7

Lab 8

Lab 9

Lab 10

Lab 11


Sources and shadows



Scattering and Fermat


Curved reflecting surface

Curved refracting surface

Double surface refraction

Aberrations I

Aberrations II


Evanescent Waves and TIR

The eye