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Mastodon Academic Performance (MAP) Center Mission Statement

The MAP Center’s mission is to promote the success of student-athletes in earning a higher education degree while creating opportunities for student-athletes to fully engage with the PFW community. This is accomplished by the MAP Center providing on-going support of student-athletes’ academic skills, athletic goals, and career and personal development while encouraging their service to the community.

The MAP Center incorporates PFW policies such as the PFW Baccalaureate Framework, the Student Affair’s Six Degrees of Connection, and the MAP Center Drive for Five into its programs and policies. See the MAP Center’s Facebook page or visit the website at for more details on the MAP Center and its policies.

Advising Monitoring Satisfactory Progress & Degree Completion

Student-athletes are assigned two advisors, a primary advisor from their academic department and a secondary MAP Center advisor. Student-athletes are expected to meet with both their primary advisor and their MAP Center advisor at least once each semester. Primary advisors provide information vital to successful degree completion and the specific academic requirements for the chosen major. MAP Center advisors monitor the student-athletes’ progress toward degree completion, and specialize in advising student-athletes in accordance with NCAA academic eligibility rules. The specific steps for advising and registration are covered in the “Registration Procedures section below.

Change of Major or Addition of Major Procedure
It is possible for student-athletes to change or add a major but only with prior authorization from a MAP Center advisor. Before changing or adding a major, student-athletes must first meet with a MAP Center advisor. Implications on NCAA eligibility will be reviewed prior to making the major addition or change. The student-athlete will then be given either a Change of Major Certification form or an Addition of Major Certification form. It is the student-athletes’ responsibility to schedule an appointment with a department advisor to discuss the change or addition. Once the Change or Addition of Major Certification Form is completed by the department advisor, the MAP Center Advisor will verify whether the change can be made in accordance with NCAA academic eligibility requirements. Once eligibility is verified the change can be completed

Drop/Add Procedure
After the first week of a semester, student-athletes desiring to drop or add courses must complete a form detailing the requested course change(s). The Drop/Add Form requires signatures of the student-athlete, coach, and the MAP Center advisor before any changes can be completed.

Monitoring Eligibility
The Athletic Compliance Office in conjunction with the MAP Center monitors NCAA continuing eligibility. At the conclusion of each academic period, the MAP Center advisors review student-athletes’ satisfactory progress and degree completion with the Compliance Office. This review includes input from the Registrar’s Office as well as academic departments.

See the Academic Requirements for Eligibility section under the NCAA RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR ELIGIBILITY in the NCAA Compliance Manual or the Student Athlete Handbook for specific Satisfactory Progress and Degree Completion requirements.

MAP Academic Advising Programs & Policies

Promoting Academic Success of Student-Athletes (PASS)
The PASS program aids incoming freshmen and transfer student-athletes in making the transition to PFW. The PASS program also serves as an intervention program required of all student-athletes with a semester GPA lower than 2.5. A student-athlete who does not fall into one of the above categories may also be identified to participate in the PASS program by a coach, or based on the recommendations of a MAP Center advisor. The PASS program consists of mandatory appointments with a MAP Center advisor. An academic agreement is completed stating specific academic and GPA goals. Student-athletes will be notified before the start of each semester if they are required to participate in the program.

HPER H163 - Freshman Topics for Student-Athletes
HPER H163 is a 1 credit course and is strongly recommended by MAP Center advisors. It is designed specifically for incoming student-athletes. The class covers a variety of topics but has a special emphasis on issues that impact the success of student-athletes. Through active participation, student-athletes will gain an understanding of university life, academic expectations, and strategies for dealing with the unique mental and physical demands of student-athletes. Additional topics include NCAA rules and regulations, current issues in the news specific to student-athletes, leadership/service opportunities and career development.

Study Tables
The MAP Center study table area is a monitored study area for student-athletes. The study table area maximizes the level of academic responsibility and independence while providing focused study time. It is an outcome based program with an emphasis on the completion of specific academic study goals. All new freshmen are required to attend study tables weekly. In addition, transfer students (dependent upon GPA), and all student-athletes with a cumulative GPA below 2.5 will also be required to attend. The hours required each week are determined by MAP Center guidelines. Coaches may also require additional hours which may exceed those required by the MAP Center. A Study Table report is prepared weekly by the MAP Center and it lists the number of study hours for each student-athlete. The report is forwarded to coaches and the appropriate athletic administrators.  Failure to comply with required attendance guidelines may result in additional athletic or academic restrictions.

Academic Progress Reports - Grade Checks
Twice each semester professors are contacted by the MAP Center requesting feedback on student-athlete’s performance in class. Initially instructors are asked to complete an online grade check form. If no response is received, a “hard copy” grade check request will be sent. Coaches and Sport Oversight Administrators are forwarded copies of all grade check reports. Student-athletes are expected to meet with their MAP Center Advisor when grades of “C” or lower are reported. Student-athletes are also strongly encouraged to meet with their instructors during office hours for any coursework at or below the “C” level.

Missed Class Worksheets
Missed Class Worksheets are utilized to promote communication with instructors when classes and coursework will be missed as a result of team travel and competition. All missed class worksheets must be completed during the first week of classes. A worksheet is required for each class with a specific plan on how all missed assignments will be made up. An instructor’s signature is required for each class indicating the instructor’s approval of the plan. Student-athletes will provide a copy of the form to their instructor and the MAP Center, and keep one for their own records. It is recommended that professors are reminded of absences 2-3 class periods in advance of missed classes. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to meet all adjusted deadlines and inform instructors of any changes in their athletic travel schedules.

The Center for Academic Support and Advancement (CASA) and the Writing Center are the primary PFW University resources for tutoring and writing assistance. The MAP Center may also arrange for tutoring on a need basis for coursework that is not covered by CASA or the Writing Center. Student-athletes are expected to be prepared for each tutoring session (i.e. having completed readings, research, paper preparation/drafts, etc.), or tutoring assistance may not continue. Depending on the need, student-athletes may be tutored one-on-one or in small groups.

Registration Procedures

Priority Registration
Priority Registration status is available to all student-athletes (freshmen through juniors) as well as honors students and students with disabilities. Senior student-athletes register on the first day of open registration with other seniors. All other student-athletes have priority registration status. This allows student-athletes to register with juniors during the second week of open registration. This status has been granted to support the academic success of student-athletes and to minimize absences due to competition dates.

Athletic Registration Holds
Athletic Holds are placed on all student-athletes. This hold prevents all registration functions. Athletic holds ensure that student-athletes maintain full-time enrollment and are prevented from dropping or adding classes without prior authorization. The following steps must be completed before Athletic Holds will be removed allowing for registration on the appropriate registration date.

Steps for Registration

NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Program

According to the NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Department:
“The NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Program provides life skills support in the areas of academics, athletics, personal development, career development and service through the distribution of accessible resources, strategic partnerships and customized programming at little or no expense to member institutions. NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs programs, resources and events are designed to promote the well-being and development of student-athletes and to provide on-going education and training to athletics professionals who identify and serve student-athlete needs.”

Mastodon Cup Competition -PFW Student-Athlete Affairs Health and Wellness Program
The Mastodon Cup gives student-athletes the opportunity to earn points in a competition for participating in a wide variety of events, specifically focused on the above life skills. Each year a team is named the winner of the Mastodon cup for earning the most points in this completion between teams.

Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT)

Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT)
SALT is made of up two representatives from each of PFW’s athletic teams. This official PFW recognized student organization meets at least monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters.
The purposes and objectives of SALT are the following:


Athletic Forms (includes Academic, Business and Compliance forms)