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  13. Health Physical Education and Recreation
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Health Physical Education and Recreation

General The health, physical education & recreation department at PFW offers a variety of health and activity courses as well as two specific areas of concentration. Courses are offered fall and spring semesters. Courses/Endorsements Students can also earn a Coaching endorsement through HPER. It requires taking 15 credit hours of various HPER courses. Specific requirements are available upon request.

Courses are split primarily into two groups. Activity courses, which are one credit and meet twice a week for eight weeks, include: basketball, bowling, conditioning and weight training, golf, karate, racquetball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and yoga. Advance courses are also offered in some of these areas.

HPER also offers courses such as basketball and volleyball coaching, principles and psychology of coaching, physiology of exercise, care and prevention of athletic injuries and first aid and emergency care.
Instructions Coaches in the Fort Wayne Athletic athletic department teach a large majority of the HPER courses. It is important to maintain a high degree of respectability and professionalism in being an instructor. The instructor is required to provide a syllabus for each student which should include the instructor’s name and phone number, office hours, the official name of the course, how grades will be given, and any other relevant information. Several examples follow. One university requirement that we must follow is that students are required to attend seven of the eight weeks of an activity course. That means a student automatically fails an activity class upon their third absence. This requirement is in the PFW student handbook and copies will be provided for instructors to pass out to students at the beginning of each course.

At the end of each course, students are required to fill out a teacher evaluation form. A copy of that also follows.
Copies Copies that need to be made for HPER purposes should be sent to the print shop through the department of education. This can include a syllabus, tests, or handouts.

To have copies made, fill out a printing services request form with the appropriate information and account number obtained from the department of education. Turn-around time is usually one day, but please try to plan ahead.