1. Mission Statement
  2. Organizational Chart
  3. Staff Directory
  4. Subcommittee on Athletics
  5. Mastodon Academic Performance
  6. Faculty Athletic Representative
  7. NCAA Compliance Manual
  8. Athletic Business Manual
  9. Athletic Training Manual
  10. Athletic Facilities
  11. Wellness/Fitness
  12. Intramurals
  13. Health Physical Education and Recreation
  14. Admission to Athletic Contests
    1. Tickets and Prices
    2. Complimentary Ticket Policy
      1. PFW Students
      2. PFW Player Pass List
      3. PFW Cheerleaders Pass List
      4. Visiting Teams
      5. PFW Coaches Pass List
      6. Athletic Department Staff List
      7. PFW Chancellor and Executive Staff
      8. Official/Unofficial Recruits
      9. High School Coaches
      10. Outside Groups
      11. Violation of Policy
  15. Media Services
  16. Athletic Development

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Admission to Fort Wayne Athletic Contests

Tickets and Prices

A Rate Approval concerning the prices, categories of tickets, and comlimentary ticket allotments are determined by the Athletic Director on a yearly basis. These rates are posted online. Tickets may be purchased online or at the Larson Ticket Office

Post-season and other special events may be exempt from these policies and procedures at the Athletic Director’s discretion and within NCAA and conference rules.

Outside organizations that request free tickets must complete the Charitable Donation Request form to begin the process of acquiring free tickets. Final approval of these request rests with the Athletic Director.

Fort Wayne Complimentary Ticket Policy

Purpose: Complimentary admission to athletic and other events are governed by the NCAA, Summit League, MIVA and institutional regulations. Fort Wayne Athletic complimentary ticket policies and procedures are intended to promote compliance with NCAA, Summit League, and MIVA rules, while supporting the overall mission of Fort Wayne Athletics and enhancing the competitive atmosphere of home events.