1. Mission Statement
  2. Organizational Chart
  3. Staff Directory
  4. Subcommittee on Athletics
  5. Mastodon Academic Performance
  6. Faculty Athletic Representative
  7. NCAA Compliance Manual
  8. Athletic Business Manual
  9. Athletic Training Manual
  10. Athletic Facilities
  11. Wellness/Fitness
  12. Intramurals
  13. Health Physical Education and Recreation
  14. Admission to Athletic Contests
  15. Media Services
  16. Athletic Development

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Mission, Values and Vision

The mission of Purdue Fort Wayne Intercollegiate Athletics (revised 11/4/2014) is to foster an environment of growth in the areas of academics, athletics, and social responsibility. Mastodon coaches, staff and student athletes work to enhance PFW's reputation by reaching for academic and athletic excellence. The Mastodon Academic Performance (MAP) Center provides on-going academic advising as well as support for career and personal development. MAP's ultimate goal is supporting the accomplishments of a higher education degree.


The Purude Fort Wayne Department of Intercollegiate Athletics stresses three basic values: Academic Excellence, Social Responsibility and Athletic Intensity.