Spring 2015--  Class Syllabus/ and tentative Schedule for Lecture and Lab 

This was an Optional Final 2009---  the two articles below are for questions #7 and #8.
Understanding the Cell biology of the Immune System-
Challenges in Regulatory T cell function and Biology-

Short Article-  The Robin Hood of Antigen Presentation-
Write a one page summary (in your own words) of this article.  If you are in doubt about terminology look it up in your textbook and define the terms (i.e., look up CD1 and describe its function and role in cell response), and relate it to the content of this article.  (click here to access article)

Primary / Historical Articles:

     Rosenthal and Shevach (1973)- Macrophages and MHC Restriction
    Zinkernagel et al.-  MHC restriction (1975)
Zinkernagel, Althage and Callahan-  thymic Reconstitution of Nude Mice (1978)-----  USE THIS FOR 2010 EXAM
    Fink and Bevan -  Thymus MHC restriction (1978)------   USE THIS FOR 2010 EXAM
    Tonegawa et al.-  Immunoglobulin gene rearrangement (1983)
    Iwagaki and Medzhitov-  Toll-Like Receptors
    Burnet-  Clonal Selection (1959)
    Koholer and Milstein-  Continuous Culture of fused Cells (1975)
    Hozumi and Tonegawa-  Somatic rearrangement of Ig Genes (1976)

Journal of Science -- Articles- August 3, 2007
    Testing our Defenses-
    Building an HIV-Proof Immune System-
    Mast Cells Show Their Might-
    Primary Immunodeficiencies-
    Underlying Lineage Choices in the Adaptive Immune system-
    Challenges in Specifying Effector and Memory T cell fate-
    Toll-Like Receptor Signaling-
    Cell Trafficking During Immune Responses-
    Immune Cells in Blood vessels-

Time Article on "Love and MHC Compatibility"-

Practice Exams
     Exam # 1 from 1998

      Exam # 2 from 1997

Research Paper Topics--  Spring 2015
       Criteria for Research Paper- can be either powerpoint or written paper

For information on Melanoma peptide antigen vaccines and TSTA antigens click on the following links: and

 Immunology Labs-   Click here for protocols

PowerPoint .pdf Presentations:

Monoclonal/Hybridoma Technology slides: 

T-cell Maturation

B-cell Maturation

Inbred and Congenic Mice:

Ag:Ab Interactions and Ouchterlony slide:

Chapters 7 & 8 MHC and Ag Presentation (with 2 slides/page)--

Chapter 6 (with 2 slides/page)--

Chapter 5 (with 2 slides/page)--

Chapter 5: Ig Structure  PowerPoint Notes

Antibody Structure & Function PowerPoint Notes

CellsPower Point Notes

Cytokines Power Point Notes:

Cytokines Web page:

Complement Power Point Notes:

Inflammation Power Point Notes:

Hypersensitivity Power Point Notes:

Vaccine Power Point Notes:

Aids Power Point Notes:

AIDS and Vaccine Notes:

Cancer Power Point Notes: