Immunology Laboratory

Power Point Notes for Lab:

Lab Protocol--  Methods for lab procedures

Biorad Assay--   for protein assay
            Protocol for Lab--
            Biorad booklet information--

ELISA Assay Protocols-- 
       IL-2 Assay-- .pdf File
       IFN-gamma Assay-- .pdf File

Proliferation Assay and Data:
       Spring 2010 Lab Data For Spleen Prolilferation (2-16-10) Please- will one member from each group send me the treatment layout for your plate?  Thanks-

                Group # 1-  Graph  and Data Sheets
                Group # 2- 
Graph  and Data Sheets
                Group # 3-  Graph  and Data Sheets
                Group # 4-  Graph  and Data Sheets

Western Blot (April 2008)-
PAGE Stain (April 2008)-
IL-2 sigma plot data (April 2008)
TNF-alpha sigma plot data (April 2008)

                      Lab Data for the LnCAP tumor cell growth and Garlic and Noni Juice addition: 4-14-07
                      Sigma Plot Graph for LnCAP cell growth:



BSA data and plot -