Biology of Aging
BIOL 327

Dr. Elliott J. Blumenthal
SB 390, 481-6004

   Fall 2009--
    Service Learning Student Contract--


    Power Point Notes for lectures-- Class notes
    Friends of the University Presentation--  Presented to Friends of the University Luncheon at award ceremony
    Lunch With a Scientist Presentation--  Presented at Science Central to Parents and Children
    Alzheimer's Disease- Lecture given 2-16-06

Osteoporosis Information--
       good bone-
       bad bone-
       Risk Factors-
       Calcium and Vitamin D-
       Description of osteoporosis-

Study Objectives--
    First Exam--
    Second Exam--
    Third Exam--
    Fourth Exam--
    Final Exam--

Examples of Student Preparations and Presentations--
    Alzheimer's Disease--
    Use of Blueberries and Garlic--
    Prescription Drugs and Interactions--
    Body Changes--