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Last update: July 31, 2018.


I am a Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Purdue University Fort Wayne.


I am interested in geometry of all kinds. Currently, I am studying the geometric properties of real objects inside complex objects: vector spaces, matrices, submanifolds, varieties, vector bundles, singularities, boundaries of open sets, pseudoholomorphic curves. I use the tools of topology, for example the Euler number, to describe the large-scale structure of the objects, and methods of several complex variables, including power series and partial differential equations, to describe the local geometry. I'm also interested in classical projective geometry, abstract algebra, and physics, and I often use the computer for symbolic manipulation and graphics.

Click here for links to my research articles, preprints, and notes.

Click here for a list of some grants I've received and some talks I've given.

Recent and Planned Events


Starting Fall 2018 at Purdue University Fort Wayne, I will be teaching two sections of Differential Equations. Office hours this semester are 4:30-5:30 Mondays in the math MALL, or by appointment. Our textbook is Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems by Nagle-Saff-Snider, 7th edition. We will not be using the online homework system this semester so students do not need to purchase any online access codes.

From Fall 1997 to Spring 2018 at IPFW, I taught Math 151: Algebra and Trigonometry, Math 154: Algebra & Trigonometry II, the Math 165-166 sequence: first-year calculus (formerly Math 163-164), Math 175: Introductory Discrete Mathematics, Math 261: Multivariate Calculus, Math 262: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Math 263: Multivariate and Vector Calculus, Math 351: Elementary Linear Algebra, Math 363: Differential Equations, Math 453: Algebra I, MA 511: Linear Algebra with Applications, Math 525: Introduction to Complex Analysis, Math 553: Introduction to Abstract Algebra, Math 554: Linear Algebra, Math 560: Fundamental Concepts of Geometry, and Math 571: Elementary Topology. I also directed some independent graduate study courses in Math 598: Topics in Geometry, and Readings in Special Relativity, and the Physics-Based Calculus workshop was offered for credit as Math 598 through the IPFW Division of Continuing Studies.

How To Reach Me

E-mail: CoffmanA (at) (this was recently changed)

Office: 292 Kettler Hall.

I will receive correspondence dropped off in my mailbox (Kettler 200) or mailed to:

Adam Coffman
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Purdue University Fort Wayne
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

phone Office Phone: 260-481-6188
Department Phones: 260-481-6821, 260-481-6232
Department Fax: 260-481-0155
Kettler Hall

You can also find me on ORCID, Google Plus, and Flickr.


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