My main methodological work is on combining admixture mapping and association testing for population and family data. I work under the guidance of Dr. Stephanie A. Santorico. Our recent paper proposed a regression based method for joint analysis of ancestral and stratified by admixture genotype effects for quantitative traits.

I recently built Shapeit2 and Impute2 based genotype imputation pipeline at the Janus supercomputer.

The pipeline was used to perform imputation of more than 40,000 genomes for a study of the vitiligo autoimmune pigmentation disorder for Dr. Richard Spritz lab.

For The Automorphism Group of a Self-Dual 72, 36, 16 Code Does Not Contain Z_4. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 60(6): 3302-3307 (2014) paper supplementary materials please click here.

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