ENGR 128 Engineering Fundamentals II, Spring 2020
Instructor:  Promothes Saha, Ph.D., P.E.
Room 321C, ETCS, Email: sahap@pfw.edu
Office hour: MW 3:00 5:30 pm  (available on Google Hangouts, ID: saha.proms@gmail.com)

Syllabus, Course description, Template.m,  Lab Report Template, Example lab assignment solution

Computer Labs


Week of
 Assignment Submission Link
(Total 340 points)

January 13

(Lab 1)

Intro. to MATLAB Calculations (Resistance Networks)
Submit Lab 1 (20 Points)
R1. Lab Summary: basics, variables & scripts
R2. MATLAB Options
R3. Intro. Tutorial (MIT Open Courseware)
January 20
(Lab 2)
Vectors and Interactive Input tutorial
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 2 (20 Points) MATLAB files: CylScript.m  cardioid.m    
R1. Cell Script Basics handoutH
January 27
(Lab 3)
Matrix Solutions and Complex Numbers:
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 3 (20 Points) R1. Summary Sheet: Scripts, Matrix $ Complex
(Lab 4)
Text Variables and Files
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 4 (20 Points) MATLAB files: eng2pl.m, CylScript2.m
R1. Additional info on Text Coding & Terms
(Lab 5)
Introductions to Functions H1: Handout 1
H2: Handout 2
Rubric Submit Lab 5 (20 Points) R1. Fuctions Summary
February , Exam 1 During Lab Period

(Lab 6)
Introductions to Conditionals
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 6 (20 Points) MATLAB files: Bboard.m    Bboard.fig
(Lab 7)
Conditional with Multiple Branching: Slides
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 7 (20 Points) MATLAB files: eng2PL1.m, addme.m
R1. Multibranch Logic Summary
Spring Break

(Lab 8)
Introduction to Loops
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 8 (20 Points) MATLAB files: root.m
(Lab 9)
Accumulation Logic with For and While Loops
Handout Rubric Submit Lab 9 (20 Points) MATLAB files: eng2PLword.m
(Lab 10)
Loop Wrap Up and Vector Toolbox Handout Rubric Submit Lab 10 (20 Points)MATLAB files:quiz1.m, iOS2time.m, analyze1.m, A.mat
Sample csv files:   Walk2.csv      Chair.csv
(Lab 11)
Emperical Modeling 1: Linear Fits: Slides Handout Rubric Submit Lab 11 (20 Points)MATLAB files: FixColors.m, EMP1.mat
(Lab 12)
Lab practical review Handout
Submit Lab 12 (20 Points)Practice Problems     inductor.csv
Practice Problem Solutions
   (do try the problems before viewing solutions)
April ,Lab 13
Lab practical

 Submit Lab Practical (100 Poins)


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