My Research Interests


My background is in the field of Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics.  Specifically, my dissertation involved the trapping of neutral atoms using three pairs of orthogonal, counter-propagating laser beams.  Since my dissertation, I have primarily focused upon inexpensive ways of doing optics.  This includes work that would be of interest to other scientists doing AMO physics, but also projects that kids in high school could use in their own "research" projects.  I have also reluctantly entered the field of educational physics where I am developing an optics evaluation exam (Optics Conceptual Assessment)

Shoebox Spectrograph

Student Spectrometer

Plumbdads and Quarkles

Spy-like sound recording using a Michelson Interferometer

"Fun and Games" Research

Fourier Sound Program

Pitch play (an acoustic "illusion")