Service Learning at IPFW


Service Learning Criteria and Forms:

Service Learning Definition- IPFW is adopting a SL designation to put into course descriptions in the Bulletin and to identify courses in the Schedule of Classes each term to make students aware that there will be a requirement for volunteerism outside the classroom

Course Criteria for SL designation- these criteria need to be addressed to gain the SL designation for Service Learning based courses

Proposal Form for Service Learning Courses- Each instructor will need to complete and submit this form for SL approval

Contract for SL approval for Students and Community Partners- needs to be completed and signed by those parties involved

Liability Coverage (Form RM17)- this form must be filled out by Faculty listing the students involved in Service Learning activities (Purdue Policy)

Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement-   To be filled out by the student or responsible party

 IPFW                                  Service Learning             

To support and increase the use of service learning at IPFW. This will include:
•    communicating to faculty, students, staff, and community agencies what service learning is and how it can be used
•    informing these groups of how service learning is being used in various courses at this time
•    increasing possibilities of communication between those who are interested in service learning
•    disseminating information on funding possibilities that support service learning
•    informing campus community on service learning through workshops and other types of meetings and discussions
•    helping to create and foster connections with community partners

Service Learning Advisory Council--

Useful Web Sites--
           Indiana Campus Compact-
           National Service-Learning Clearinghouse-
           SENCER Institute- Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities
           AAC&U-  American Association of Colleges and Universities

Service Learning Courses at IPFW--
          Model Course- C780, Creativity and Community, MaryAnn Cain, Department of English and Linguistics

          Sample Syllabi--

Finding a Partner--
          Teaching a class that needs a community partner? Are a community organization that needs a class for a service learning project? Please check our discussion board.