The story: I moved to Fort Wayne in August, and waited a few weeks before Pierre moved in from Michigan. He spent most of his time outside for the first week, going out at night and returning in the daytime, until going out on a Saturday and not returning on Sunday. I got worried after a couple days, especially when there was heavy rain one night, and filed a "Lost Cat" report at the Fort Wayne Department of Animal Care and Control. They were very nice, and told me to check back every three business days, so I could inspect the occupants of the cat jail and see if Pierre had been rounded up. They also took down his description and said they would call me if anyone reported a found cat, dead or alive. He had an ID tag, but he's showed up without his collar in the past. After about a week, I put up signs with photos, and put a Lost Cat ad in the local papers. He showed up at 7pm on the last day the ad ran, and I hadn't heard anything from anybody about him. In all, Pierre was gone for 20 days! He was very thin, and was very happy to find his way home and start eating.

BEFORE[Fat Pierre] AFTER[Thin Pierre]

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