Q: In a fight between Pierre and a bird, who would win?

A: It depends on what kind of bird!

Pierre vs. Sparrow

Pierre Wins!

[sparrow, head first] [tasty sparrow]
Video Clip: Pierre, starring in "Tastes like Chicken!" (11 sec)

Pierre vs. Swan

Swan Wins!

[Huge, vicious swan] [gloating swan]

Pierre vs. Two Swans

Swans Win!

[Two huge, vicious swans] [gloating swans]

Pierre vs. Ducks


[Mother and baby ducks] [truce]

Pierre vs. Geese

Geese Win!

[Canada goose family] [goslings, grown up]

Pierre vs. Turkey, three days after Thanksgiving

Pierre Wins!

[spoiled cat]

Pierre vs. Airborne Mole Carcass

(not a bird, but thrown by Pierre)

Pierre Wins!

[flang mole]

Pierre vs. Great Blue Heron



Pierre vs. Fledgling Robin

Pierre wins!

[legs sticking out]

Pierre vs. Nest of Goose Eggs


[big goose eggs]

Pierre vs. Cormorant


[Freaky cormorant] [Lazy Pierre]


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