#1-550 (NY) & #1-20 (CA)

The parenthetical information for each entry in the list represents the issue numbers at the beginning and end of each contributor's streak. For example, Dave Berg's streak began with issue No. 34 and ended with No. 356.

Several sources (e.g., "The Comics Journal") suggest that Sergio Aragonés has appeared in every issue of MAD since his first appearance in No. 76. However, he did not appear in No. 111 and Aragonés has confirmed that he missed the deadline for that issue due to mailing issues while traveling in Europe. Although MAD No. 17 (2020) was purportedly Aragonés farewell issue, several new marginals by him have appeared in MAD No. 18 to No. 20 to continue his streak of contributing new material.

Although Dick DeBartolo's name does not appear in every issue during his record streak, that streak has been confirmed through the MAD editorial staff and DeBartolo himself. Some representative examples: (1) DeBartolo was the uncredited writer for the cover of No. 133; (2) DeBartolo's name does not appear in No. 150; however, the writer of the article "Ads That Turn People Off" in that issue is incorrectly credited to Frank Jacobs but was actually written by DeBartolo; (3) DeBartolo was the uncredited writer for the monkey film listings in the "Monkey-lini" section of No. 488.

Only new material is considered part of streak. Therefore, although Al Jaffee had a fold-in in MAD No. 8 (2019), it originally appeared in MAD No. 153 (1972) and therefore ended a 36 issue streak that began with MAD No 522 (2013) and ended with MAD No. 7 (2019).

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