Beth Lee Simon
Department of English and Linguistics
Indiana University Purdue University
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499
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Language and Society, Linguistic Analysis, Linguistic Theory, Fieldwork Methods, Advanced Readings in Language and Gender, Study of English, Introduction to Linguistics, Language and the Study of Writing, Linguistics and the Teacher of English, Asian Folklore, Islam In Asia, Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Creative Nonfiction


Language Variation and Change; Ideology, Identity and Language Maintenance, Shift and Loss; Linguistic Pedagogies


Secretary, Midwest Region, American Dialect Society
Advisory Editor, American Speech, Duke University Press
Evaluator, Language and Society, Cambridge University Press
Honors Faculty


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Linguistics and South Asian Languages. Dissertation: Stable Bilingualism and Minority Language Maintenance

M.A.T., University of  Iowa


2000-2001, Associate Professor, IPFW
1995-2000, Assistant Professor, IPFW
1986-1994, Research Scientist, Dictionary of American Regional English, U of WI - Madison


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Creative Nonfiction, Personal/Expository Essay

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Multiple Language Maintenance
and Loss in Immigrant American

Examination of linguistic mechanisms and social contexts of shift from a multiplicity of immigrant languages to English during mining boom eras in Wisconsin and Michigan. Sociolinguistic, ethnographic with archival methodologies. Issues in history of English, language shift, language ideologies, negotiation of identities.

Islam in Asia
Examination of personal devotion as contained within and expressed through public performance, by analysis of Sufi and Shiía texts, genres and performance traditions.


2002, Workshop: Pittsburgh Speech and Society, Carnegie Mellon U and U of Pittsburgh

2002, "Multiple Methods for Dialect Research on Michiganís Keweenaw Peninsula," annual meeting, Linguistic Society of America, San Francisco

2001, Symposium Discussant, Language Profiles: Michigan and Ohio. Ohio State University

2001, Workshop: Mapping Great Lakes Culture. Michigan State University.

2001, "Dago, Finlander, Cousin Jack: Ethnicity and Identity in American English," annual meeting, Linguistic Society of America, Washington D.C.

2000, "The Intersection of Gender and Literacy in the Development of American English" at the International Gender and Language Association, Stanford University

1999, "Immigrant Language Loss and the Rise of American English in the Keweenaw Copper Country" at Michigan Technological University

1999, Reading, Creative Nonfiction,  20th Century Literature Conference, University of Louisville

1998, "The Cat Wants Fed: Sociolinguistics and Dialect Study" at the American Dialect Society session, Midwest Modern Language Society annual meeting, St. Louis

1997, Organizer and Discussant, double session, Studies in Deixis: Working the Margins of Semantics and Pragmatics (six papers) at the Midwest Modern Language Society annual meeting, Chicago

1996, Visiting Writer, Valparaiso University

1996, "Gender, Language and Literacy in Banaras," Berkeley Conference on Women and Language. University of California - Berkeley

1996, "Expressing the Ineffable," Plenary Address on relationships between Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers

1995, Ropewalk Fiction Fellowship (workshop with Bob Shacochis)

1994, Ropewalk Poetry Workshop (workshop with Lynn Emanuel)

1994, Reading, Creative Writing Session, Northeast Modern Language Association

1993, "Gender and Upper Midwest Speech," American Dialect Society session, Midwest Modern Language Society annual meeting, Minneapolis

1993, "The Dictionary of American Regional English in the Classroom," annual National Council of Teachers of English conference, Seattle

1992, Reading, University of Wisconsin, Richland Center


1999, Purdue Research Foundation Faculty Summer Research Grant

1999, Michigan Technological University Research and Travel Award

1999, Indiana Arts Council Individual Artist Grant - Fiction

1999, Best American Essays , Notable Essay: "Clean."

1998, Indiana University International Conference Travel Award

1997, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship -  Summer Seminar

1996, Purdue Research Foundation Faculty Summer Research Grant

1996, Indiana Arts Council Individual Artist Grant - Fiction

1995, Indiana Arts Council Award of Excellence - Essay

1985, National Defense Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship - Hindi

1984, University of Wisconsin University Fellowship

1981, National Science Foundation & American Institute for Indian Studies Research Fellowship

1980, National Defense Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship - Hindi


1999, Best American Essays, Notable Essay: "Clean."

1999, Indiana Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, Nonfiction

1998, Story Magazine, The Short Short Story "Translating Zaire." Finalist

1997, Bellingham / 49th Parallel, First Place, Poetry, "Tropics"

1996, Indiana Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, Nonfiction

1996, Annie Dillard Award for Nonfiction "Gujerat," Finalist

1995, Indiana Arts Council Award of Excellence for the Essay

1994, Ropewalk Fellowship

1993, Iowa Woman, Essay, "Cricket," Finalist


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