Advisor:  Promothes Saha, Ph.D., P.E.
Room 321C, ETCS, Email:

Please follow the steps below if you are interested in registering courses for upcoming semester. This website is designed to help students with the registration process smoothly:

Step 1:


Each semester online registration will be blocked for engineering students until they meet with their academic advisors and have a One Year Plan form completed and signed. Download the form, complete it, and then email it to me. Don't forget to take advantage of prority dates as shown in the table below.

Priority Advising and Registration Dates for the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Class Standing
Degree candidates, graduate students, and seniors March 29
Juniors, honors students, student athletes, students with disabilities April 5
Sophomores April 12
Freshmen and others April 19

To complete the form, following resourses might help you:

Step 2:
Please wait until you receive the approval of your one year plan from me, then complete registration online. Use following resources:

If you are having problems registering online (after having your one year plan approved) please contact the TiAsia Barlow, CME administrative assistant. Her phone no: (260) 481-6965, email: or contact your advisor.

Important Notes

#  Class standing: 90 credits = Senior; 60 credits=Junior; 30 Credits (including PHYS 152) = Sophomore. [Completed with grades on the bingo sheet]

# Key deadlines:
Final advising/registration: August 17-20
Late Registration and Drop/Add: August 2428
Last Day for Full Refund: August 30
Pass/Not Pass Deadline: September 21

#  Pre-requisites to take senior design courses: Senior standing and advisor approval

A maximum of two elective courses can be taken from non-civil engineering courses.

#  Requirements to get a minor in Mathematics and Physics
Pre/co-requisites , Tech Electives Civil Engineering Program, Advising notes, List of Advisees, Estimate minimum GPA
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