Jody Ross, Ph.D.

IPFW Department of Psychology, 2101 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne IN 46805 USA

Phone/Voice Mail: (260) 481-6396 • Office: Neff Hall 388 C


Curriculum Vita



My research examines couples' conflict and intimate partner violence. More specifically, I am interested in gender differences in partner violence and control tactics, motives for violence, and attachment and personality dysfunction as they relate to violence.

I am currently collecting data as part of a 5-year study on college students' experiences with dating violence. A major goal of this study is to examine the development of maladaptive relationship behaviors, including violence, in a sample of young adults over time.

I have also started a lab-based study involving married or cohabiting couples. In this study, I and my research assistants will collect detailed data on couples' interactions, histories of violence, and their use of various control tactics. These data will be used, in part, to examine differences in relationships with high versus low amounts of intimate partner control. These data will also be used to study how the construct or phenomenon of control is different in men versus women.

Finally, I am beginning to establish relationships with community agencies serving those affected by partner violence. My ultimate goal here is to collect data on violence and control within clinical samples (those receiving clinical services) of violent men and women. I am also interested in helping community agencies design and implement treatment outcome studies to assess the effectiveness of their current batterer intervention programs.

If you are interested in gaining research experience as a research assistant in my lab, please contact me.


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