"Life is full of conditional statements!"
- Michelle Parker


Michelle Parker started her computer career in 1993 at Andersen Consulting (not the accounting side), currently known as Accenture. While consulting she gained a wealth of industrial, functional, and technical experience. She consulted in the consumer produts industry, financial services industry, industrial products industry, and utilities industry. She gained technical expertise in COBOL, SQL, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Suite produts. She gained function expertise in project management, estimation, direct store delivery, inventory management, systems development, system testing, migration management, data conversion, data retrieval, back office consolidation, and service operations. She left Accenture in 2000 to have her second child.

At IFPW, she has taught the online and live versions of Computers in Society (CS 306) that looks at the ethical, moral and philosophical implications of technology in society as well as an Introduction to Computers (CS 106) course, where students gain basic computer knowledge and learn the Microsoft Office Suite products. She has also taught CS112-Survey of Computer Science and CS114 - Intro to Visual Basic Programming. she taught the very first section of CS112 - Survey of Computer Science..

Prior to joining the faculty at IPFW, she was on the faculty at Illinois State University for 2 years (2000-2002). She taught COBOL programming, Introduction to Computers, and HTML programming.