You found me! Now what?

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        HereThis is my under major deconstruction web page.  Up until now this space has been collecting dust since the update to Blackboard Learn.  Dont worry though, I will be updating soon.  It is going to be slow but frequent!  Now, until that frequent happens enjoy the excess white space!  Consider it an empty pinterest or even a disinterest.  Now that might be a fun site.

All rambling aside I am a faculty member in the IPFW Physics Department.  The "really cool science" as stated by the sign on the archway into our turf in Kettler Hall.  I can be found in KT126A.  It is really easy to find; just pass the chaotic pendulums, keep going when you see the friction phone books and turn left down the hall after the 15,000 volt Jacob's Ladder on the right.