Converting Image Files to a Spectrum

We have written a visual basic program to convert a BITMAP image file to an ASCII "relative intensity" vs. "horizontal pixel number". This program is called IM2SPEC. There are two versions, one for non-Windows 95 machines and one for Windows 95. Links to the compiled programs and source files are below. Please recognize that I am updating these programs to make them easier to use and to include other image file formats. One of the improvements in the works is to actually acquire the image data directly into the program and thus, bypass the acquisition software.

Please note that all the software is issued on an "as-is" basis and is unsupported. I request that I be informed of any modifications to the program. Any distribution of this software should include a copy of the article in the American Journal of Physics, vol. 66, pages 1025 - 1028. Use of this software should be referenced. Thank you. Mark F. Masters

I suggest downloading the sample data file below to test the programs with.

Recently it has come to my attention that I could perform the transformation performed by IM2SPEC using MathCad. A spreadsheet to perform the calculation is shown below.

Visual Basic 3.0 (for Windows 3.1)


Visual Basic 5.0 (for Windows 95)


MathCad Spreadsheet

Sample Data