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Welcome to my Animation Master Page.  Animation Master is a wonderful 3D modeling and animation program.  It is the absolutely best 3D package that I have ever used.   I consider it one of the best software packages that I have ever purchased (My favorites are AM2000 and MathCad!).  I will not say that AM99 is easy to use.  As with any complex piece of software, it is necessary to carefully and methodically learn how it works.  This is the difficult part.   However, the AM community is really helpful!  Additionally, Hash Inc. is the most responsive software company that I have ever seen. 

Refraction is a link to a web page discussing refraction.   It includes a brief document discussing the physics of refraction and my tests of Animation Master 99 and how it deals with refraction.

Max's Toy Box - This is a link to images I have made using AM99 of my son's toys.  Disclaimer: Remember I am a scientist, not an artist - at least on 3D and I am new at the 3D stuff!

AM Pictures

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