Recent Publications

Warrix, AR, TM Aby, B Yankowiak, and JM Marshall. 2022. Plant community recovery and change following soil transfer of a forb-dominated meadow. Ecological Restoration 40, 10-15. (article)

Steiner, SM, JM Marshall, A Mohammadpour, and AW Thompson. 2022. Applying social science to bring resident stakeholders into pollution governance: a rural environmental justice public health case study. Journal of Applied Social Science 16, 44-69. (article)

Paulus, KR, and JM Marshall. 2022. Competitive interactions between two non-native species (Alliaria petiolata [M. Bieb.] Cavara & Grande and Hesperis matronalis L.) and a native species (Ageratina altissima [L.] R.M. King & H. Rob.). Plants 11, 374. (article)

Jordan M. Marshall, PhD

Professor of Plant Biology
Graduate Program Director

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BIOL 11900 Principles of Structure and Function Introduction to the structure and function of biological organisms at the cellular and organismal levels. Spring
BIOL 21700 Intermediate Ecology Ecological principles of populations, communities, and ecosystems; interaction of biotic and abiotic factors regulating population and community structure. Fall
FNR 22500 Dendrology Field identification, taxonomy, and ecological characteristics of trees and shrubs in forests and wetlands. Variable
BIOL 50100 Field Botany Field botany is the study of plants in a landscape context. Major course themes include plant identification; plant community analysis and classification. Even Fall
BIOL 54110 Invasion Biology The study of species movements, dominance and functional roles within ecosystems, typically in relation to human interventions. Even Spring
BIOL 54210 Biometry Application of statistical analysis to biological data. Topics include foundations of R syntax and semantics; comparison of frequentist and Bayesian probability. Odd Fall

Plant Ecology Lab is affiliated with the Environmental Resources Center, promoting the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of the region, and is a partner of the Indiana Plant Conservation Alliance, working to protect native plants, especially at-risk species, through a variety of conservation activities.