Plant Ecology Lab

Department of Biology
Purdue University Fort Wayne

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Marshall, JM. 2020. Forest compositional changes after a decade of emerald ash borer. Forests 11, 949. (article)

Boyes, KN, KG Hietala-Henschell, AP Barton, AJ Storer, and JM Marshall. 2019. Linking tree growth rate, damage repair, and susceptibility to a genus-specific pest infestation. Journal of Forestry Research 30, 1935-1941. (article)

Harman, RR, AR De Leon, HM Lancaster, and JM Marshall. 2019. Relative influence of spatial and structural characteristics of forest fragments on woody plant communities. The Great Lakes Botanist 58, 32-56. (article)

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Lab research focuses on plant biogeography and floristics and invasive species interactions and management, specifically within the Great Lakes region.


Distribution of threatened and endangered plants, especially in sand dune ecosystems.


Forest community structure and composition patterns in protected areas.


Ecological impacts and changes related to invasive species colonization and dominance.


Use of novel techniques to control or remove invasive species from managed ecosystems.

Environmental Resources Center

The Plant Ecology Lab is associated with the Environmental Resources Center, promoting the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of the region.