Plant Ecology Lab

Purdue University Fort Wayne

Plant biogeography and floristics and invasive species interactions and management within sand dunes and forests of the Great Lakes region.

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Recent Publications

Steiner, SM, JM Marshall, A Mohammadpour, and AW Thompson. 2021. Applying social science to bring resident stakeholders into pollution governance: a rural environmental justice public health case study. Journal of Applied Social Science xx, xxx-xxx. (article; post-print)

Marshall, JM. 2021. Spotted knapweed spread and plant community changes in a lacustrine dune system. Natural Areas Journal 41, 11-17. (article)

Marshall, JM. 2020. Forest compositional changes after a decade of emerald ash borer. Forests 11, 949. (article)

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Jordan M. Marshall, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Biology Graduate Program Director
Fellow of the Indiana Academy of Science

Environmental Resources Center

The Plant Ecology Lab is associated with the Environmental Resources Center, promoting the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of the region.