Jordan M. Marshall, PhD

Professor of Plant Biology, Graduate Program Director, & Associate Chair

Lab Members

Tessa Aby-Kruger

Plant Community Patterns along a Beach Ridge-Swale Complex at Albert E. Sleeper State Park

Grace Auckley

Dendrochronological and Woody Debris Assessment of Forest Development Patterns along a Sand Dune Chronosequence

Joanna Stebing

Vascular Flora and Plant Communities of the Dorothy and Ray Garman Preserve, Allen County, Indiana

Jill Wilson

Influence of Forest Disturbance and Management Histories on Ground Dwelling Arthropods

Lab Alumni

Madison Beckstedt Forest Response Following the Loss of Ash
Jonathan Danielson Stable Regimes in an Unstable System: Floral Community and Diversity in the Grand Sable Dunes
Rachel Fuelling Diversity and Distribution of Plant Communities Related to Forest Fragment Size, Shape, Age, and Structure
Rachel Hunnicutt Emerald Ash Borer Adult Feeding Behavior and Ash Tree Management Decision Modeling: Relationships between Pest and Host Tolerance Gradients
Ashley Kovach-Hammons Predicting Site Suitability for Kudzu (Pueraria montana) in the Great Lakes Basin and Surrounding Region
Patrick Mayo Beaver Activity and Flora Survey in Chain O’Lakes State Park, Noble County, Indiana
Andrea Myers Influence of Forest Fragment Compositional and Structural Heterogeneity on Ground-Dwelling Arthropod Communities
Cecelia Smith Five Trees Undercover: Genome-wide SNP Identification in Fraxinus Linking Genetic Characteristics to Tolerance of Agrilus planipennis
Adam Warrix Management of Old Field Prairie Ecosystems: Soil Transfer and Exotic Species Invasion