Each of these, Q0 through Q3, were separate discussion threads in Piazza.
Feedback has been immediate, rich, and cathartic.

Q0 (Optional): Reflect on ONE of the following prompts (OPTIONAL)

Reflections at Tyne Bridge - Newcastle Upon Tyne - England
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyne_Bridge

We'd like you to take a moment to reflect briefly!

Or, if you have anything else that you’d like to share that doesn't fit the prompts, feel free to drop it here at Q0.

Q1 (Optional): Time Traveler - Pay It Forward

Source: Adapted from https://imgflip.com/i/3mgw4w

Suppose you could travel back in time and talk to yourself at the start of the semester. What advice would you tell you? Alternatively, If you had a buddy who was going to take this course next semester, what advice would you give them from Day 1 so that they are successful?

MA 15300

MA 15400

Q2 (Optional): A-Ha! Moment

The sloth from the animated movie Zootopia widens its eyes in amazement.
Source: https://media.giphy.com/

Share something you have learned/discovered that you did not know before about the material this semester. For example, perhaps you struggled with a concept and then had an A-HA! moment where it made sense. This insight can be from the mundane to the sublime.

MA 15300

MA 15400

Q3 (Optional): Challenge Accepted

Source: splitpics.uk

Name a challenge you faced this semester or a challenging topic in the course material. What did you do to slay it?

My Response to Q3: One challenge for me as your instructor was Brightspace. I never used it until this semester. To slay it, I went to the support at Brightspace Community where I could watch free Webinars, as well as get expert support from colleagues who have used it before. At times, it was overwhelming and stressful to figure it out in such a short amount of time. (Example: working with the gradebook is like trying to ride an angry bull.) So I gave myself a pass and said, let's start off simple and take one step at a time. I also was able to get one-on-one Zoom sessions with Brightspace consultants to ask targeted, specific questions. I'd screw things up, but get back up after getting thrown off the bull.
 A rider gets thrown off a bull

MA 15300

MA 15400