Please use my URL Historically that directed here, but not so any longer. As of September 2018, I am no longer updating this site. Thanks!

I am Professor of Biology, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Director of the Purdue University Fort Wayne Environmental Resources Center (the ERC). My students and I are engaged in research on a variety of animals, notably snakes and turtles. Principal areas of focus are the ecological requirements of imperiled species, and the improvement of landscape management approaches to meet project objectives while maximally benefitting wildlife.

To learn more about me, please roam around on this site, or visit my more detailed page. To learn more about many of the folks in my lab and what they are working on, please go to the People link.

The ERC is a collaborative effort among faculty, students, and community partners to understand and protect the region's natural resources. Visit our web site using the link above, and please join our mailing list.

I also maintain a web site providing information about the region's reptiles and amhibians - their ecology, conservation and management. I have that linked above at Outreach.

image of Spotted Turtle