Molecular Ecology Lab

Department of Biology
Purdue University Fort Wayne

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The lab focuses on the genetics and ecology of amphibians and reptiles, most often in the Great Lakes region. Students are working on a range of projects that combine field surveys with the laboratory analysis of genetic variation to better understand the distribution and viability of populations. We partner with government and community organizations to help recover and sustain wildlife.

Mark A. Jordan, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology
Associate Chair of Biology

Department of Biology
Purdue University Fort Wayne

Office 260-481-6315

E-mail jordanma(at)

Conservation and Population Genetics

We work to characterize genetic variation in wildlife populations and understand its underlying causes. Current projects focus on Blanding's Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Kirtland's Snake, and Unisexual Ambystoma

Environmental DNA

We develop and apply assays that allow detection of imperiled species from water and soil samples.

Partnering with the Community

We work with the Little River Wetlands Project to research wetland vertebrates. This provides science- based information to guide wildlife stewardship and  engages the public on natural resources. 

Environmental Resources Center

The Molecular Ecology Lab is associated with the Environmental Resources Center, promoting the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of northeast Indiana.