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   A Study of Don Quixote

by Daniel Eisenberg.

Newark: Juan de la Cuesta, 1987.

Copyright © 1987 by Juan de la Cuesta–Hispanic Monographs

     The on-line version of this book was prepared for the most part using the original word-processed manuscripts sent to the publisher. There will be differences in formatting between the digital and the printed version, but the pagination and content will be substantially the same.

Table of Contents

 Preface by Richard Bjornson PDF
   Introduction PDF
  A Note on the Texts PDF


Cervantes and the Libros de caballerías PDF


The Ideal Libro de caballerías: The Bernardo PDF


The Genre of Don Quixote PDF


The Humor of Don Quixote PDF


The Provecho of Don Quixote PDF


Don Quixote as a Classic PDF
Appendix: The Influence of Don Quijote on the Romantic Movement PDF
Bibliography of Works Cited PDF
Index I: References to Cervantes' Works PDF
Index II: Names and Subjects PDF
Corrigenda (1987) and differences between the 1987 edition and the on-line version

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