S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Tarea: El subjuntivo/indicativo en cláusulas nominales


  1. Translate the passage given below [the parts in brackets are optional],
  2. Compose your own sentences, dialogue, essay, or letter (approximately 200 words). Try incorporating as many noun clauses as possible. One way to do this is to give a series of recommendations, for example:

Madre Luis, I want you to bring me the book you're reading.
Luis:      But Dad just1 told me to start doing my homework.
Madre Let's2 not quarrel; I insist that you show it to me.
Luis:      Well, here it is, but I doubt that you can read it.
Madre So you think I don't remember Spanish? Don't you realize3 that I've been reading books in Spanish for over 20 years? Let's see...
Luis:      [His mother pages through the book.] Will you permit me to get back to what I was doing?
Madre I demand that you tell me what you're doing with this filthy book.
Luis:      Mom, don't get angry. I know it's not a masterpiece, but it's not good to condemn a book without reading it.
Madre I say it's horrible. I forbid you to look at it any more.
Luis:      But it's important that I read it, and that I start tonight.
Madre I don't think it's necessary at all.
Luis:      Mr. Gómez is requiring us to read it all by Thursday.
Madre I hope this isn't the horrible man I met Sunday at church. If so, I'm afraid your father and I will have to talk to your principal.
Luis:      It's possible he is... No, it's more likely that you're thinking about Mr. Ramírez.
Madre Well, why is your teacher requiring you to do this?
Luis:      He's having us learn more about bilingual cultures in the U.S.
Madre Don't tell me this is a sociology project!
Luis:      Yes, the book describes people of Mexican origin, their customs, and what they have contributed to our country. It seems that they have accomplished a great deal.
Madre Good heavens!
Luis:      And I suggest you let me continue with my work... please?
Madre Ok, but is it possible for me to read the book when you're done?

     1 The construction “just” + a past tense verb: see the handout entitled Los tiempos perfectos. If you use the preterit in this sentence, it will cause problems.
“Let's” + verb. You remember the nosotros commands, right?
     3 You're not even considering using the verb realizar, right?

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