S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Assignment: El subjuntivo/indicativo en cláusulas adverbiales


  1. Write your own composition of approximately 200 words, using adverbial clauses wherever possible; it could take several forms, such as a letter to a friend involving plans for the future.
  2. Translate the following passage. [Parts given in parentheses, brackets, or quotes do not need to be translated.]

Dear ...1

I'm always happy when one of your letters arrives; however, this time I'm ecstatic2 because you're finally coming to visit me! Even though I know it's true, I can hardly believe it.

For two days now I've been planning what we're going to do when you get here. After the plane arrives, we'll drive around the city awhile so you can see the downtown (area). Then we'll come to my house so you can unpack. As soon as you're rested, we'll go to a huge shopping center3 called Glenbrook Mall. It's the one I mentioned when I wrote you three weeks ago. Provided you're interested, we'll spend most of a day there and we can shop 'till we drop.4

I also want you to see a movie called Catch Me If You Can. In case you haven't heard about it, read the article I'm enclosing. I think we should also go see a play while you're here. However, even if they [the theater company] don't put on a fantastic play [I don't know what one they'll be doing] it will be a good idea for us to see it so you can listen to [theatrical] English. And unless you have other plans, we can do a thousand other things.

I won't be able to sleep [a wink] until your plane lands. Have a good trip.

And before you leave, give your mother a hug [for me].



     1 You may address the letter to whoever you wish.  Querido/a and Estimada/a are two frequent greetings to use for “dear;” obviously the first is more intimate or informal, while the second is more formal. Your choice may also help determine the form — or usted— you're going to use to address the recipient of the letter.
     2 Ecstatic: you could use other similar expressions (e.g., delighted, extremely happy)
     3 Shopping center = centro comercial
     4 Shop 'till we drop: Try to express the general idea rather than translate the words literally.

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