S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition  F. Jehle

Assignment # 2: Forming questions

(and more practice with the present tense)

You are a researcher and writer for a TV talk show. In this capacity, you are to:

  1. Prepare 25 questions for the host to use in interviewing a celebrity (you may pick the host and celebrity). Your questions do not have to be limited to the present tense, but it is all right to restrict yourself to that tense.

  2. Translate the following sentences. You do not have to translate the parts given in parentheses, although you are welcome to do so.
            (For David Letterman interviewing a Hollywood celebrity [and former student of S210 at IPFW]?)
            Special instructions: Start off using the usted form, then switch to the form for the questions after number 16.
  1. How long have you been making movies?
  2. (That long?) How old are you?
  3. (Of the films you have made,) which is your favorite film?
  4. Why are you so popular?
  5. Do you think that you are sexy?
  6. When are you going to stop working in this industry?
  7. Do you like living outside of Mexico?
  8. Who is the best director in the USA?
  9. How much do you earn for a film nowadays?
  10. If your current project is successful, will you do a sequel?
  11. Do you plan to work in television?
  12. What do you tell someone who tells you he/she wants to be an actor?
  13. Do actors and actresses have a responsibility to their fans?
  14. Whom do you admire most?
  15. What do you think about nudity in films nowadays?
  16. *Can we talk on a familiar basis (i.e., can we use the form)?
  17. Can I ask you some personal questions?
  18. This is your first marriage, right?
  19. Are you a good parent and husband?
  20. How many children do you have? What are their names?
  21. Where are your children? At home?
  22. Are you able to spend much time with your family?
  23. Do you or your children help with the household chores?
  24. How many rooms are there in your house?
  25. Where do you go to have fun?

*There is a special verb in Spanish that means to use the form: tutear, used here reflexively (literally, “Can we each other?”).

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