S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Assignment #1 - Present tense (and forming sentences)


       Part I: Write 25 or more sentences using (primarily) the present tense in the main verb. This may take any one of several forms, for example:
  1. A description of yourself with information about your interests and personality, or
  2. A list of the activities you do on a particular (or typical day), or diary entries, or
  3. A translation of the 25 sentences given below.

NOTE: If you choose topic number 1 or 2 above, try to use a variety of verbs and persons; that is, don't limit yourself to just a couple of verbs with first-person singular subjects.


Part II Select at least five (5) of the sentences you have written, and for them identify the major syntactic elements: subject (sujeto), predicate (predicado), direct object (complemento directo), and indirect object (complemento indirecto).
E.g.:    (yo)     Estudio francés en la biblioteca.
        sujeto   predicado  comp.

1. I wake up at approximately seven o'clock in the morning.
2. I get up, shower, and wash my hair.
3. Mom serves me green eggs and ham.
4. I drive my car to the university.
5. I have two classes in the morning, Spanish and philosophy.
6. The professors give us very little homework.
7. I see Lupe in the library.
8. We walk to the cafeteria and have lunch there.
9. We talk about what we'll do tonight.
10. We spend about an hour in the language lab.
11. She stays at the university.
12. It's raining, so I offer her my umbrella.
13. I go to Scotts, where I work for three hours.
14. I return home and do my homework.
15. I eat supper with my whole family.
16. I wash the dishes and take out the trash.
17. Some friends come to my house at six fifteen.
18. We see a movie called “Rocky XV”.
19. Afterwards, we drink a coke and chat.
20. They bring me home at ten thirty.
21. I read a couple articles in a magazine.
22. I play with my dog Snowball for a while.
23. I brush my teeth and put on my pijamas.
24. I go to bed at a quarter till twelve.
25. I think about the day and then go to sleep.

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