S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Assignment: More Subjunctive Tenses in Spanish


  1. Write your own letter or essay of approximately 200 words. There are no restrictions on the topic; however try to incorporate (correct) usage of the various subjunctive tenses, particularly the past subjunctives.
  2. Translate the following letter. [You may skip the parts in brackets.]

Dear ------,
     I am delighted that you wrote me such a long and interesting letter. It's wonderful that you will be able to visit Mexico this summer. You asked me to give you some advice about making the trip: well, here are some suggestions I have for you. They're the same ones I have been giving to friends for several years.
     You may think this is stupid, but don't drink the water unless it has been bottled. Likewise, don't eat any food which is sold by vendors in the street. Provided that you follow these two simple rules, it is almost certain you'll have fewer health problems.
     When you get there, I want you to remember that you will be the foreigner; respect the people and their customs. Don't [openly] criticize anything you see there. Keep this thought in mind: “I came here so the Mexican people could teach me more about the world.” After I returned to the United States, I found that everything “American” wasn't quite so wonderful after all.
     Act as if your room is locked, except at night. That is, go out and make friends [make friendships] and talk to people. I never stayed there [in my room during the daytime] unless it was absolutely necessary.
     Oh, I wanted to tell you to do something for me [but I forgot to mention it when I saw you last month]. *I would appreciate your saying “hello” to Mr. and Mrs. Quintana. I told them that I was going to visit them when my family went to Mexico [this summer, but that trip has been canceled].
     Good luck! Write me as soon as you get back.

     *Use the conditional for this “would”, for example, “it would please me that you say ‘hello’”: me gustaría que () ...

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