S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Tarea: El futuro

Assignment. There will be two parts:

  1. Write a series of 20 predictions for the year, OR: Write a series of 20 New Year's resolutions, OR: Translate the predictions given below, (use the future tense where possible.)
  2. Write a paragraph using the future tense to indicate conjecture or probability for something in present time. OR: Translate the paragraph given at the bottom.

Note: In this and in all future assignments for this class:

  1. Write out all numbers: a las siete de la mañana, tengo dieciocho años, etc. [Exception: you do not have to write out the number in front of each question in the list below.]
  2. Be careful with punctuation:
  1. Predictions:
    1. Jennifer Lopez will get married again.
    2. Ex-President Bill Clinton will tell the whole truth about about several affairs.
    3. All of the students in S210 will do their assignments on time.
    4. Elvis Presley will put on regular clothing and visit President Bush.
    5. General Colin Powell will leave the United States.
    6. The Mexican peso will be worth four dollars.
    7. We will be able to cure all kinds of cancer!
    8. Jay Leno will talk with visitors from outer space (espacio sideral).
    9. No new television series will be cancelled.
    10. All college professors will stop smoking.
    11. Someone will try to kill King Juan Carlos of Spain.
    12. There will not be any revolutions in Latin America.
    13. Osama Bin Laden will appear in several TV episodes.
    14. Scientists will learn how to extract energy from snow.
    15. Rock music will no longer be popular by the end of the year.
    16. We will see the end of organized crime, right?
    17. Dan Quale will come to visit his friends at IPFW.
    18. We will hear Barbara Walters on a new CD.
    19. Joan Rivers and other comics will not insult anyone.
    20. The professor will correct all compositions before the following class starts.

  2. Paragraph:
    You have returned to the campus after an absence, and have heard that the president of Purdue University named a new chancellor for IPFW some time ago. You don't know anything at all about the individual, but you have an image of her “in your mind's eye”. In the following paragraph you describe that image, that is, you conjecture what the new chancellor is like using the future tense. In this selection, the underlined /grayed-out parts merely indicate conjecture; eliminate them and use the future tense for the appropriate verbs.

    Our new chancellor is most likely a woman. She's probably about 50 years old and dresses well. I would say she's more interested in administration than in education. She probably seldom teaches a regular college course. In all likelihood she earns over one hundred thousand dollars a year. I bet that she's married; the family probably includes two children and a dog.

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