S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Examen de práctica

     A few months ago I planned to visit Mexico with two friends of mine, Rosana and her brother Miguel. Rosana had been wanting to make the trip for more than a year. I think Miguel insisted on going only because he was afraid something bad would happen to Rosana. I wish he would have stayed here in Fort Wayne. Unfortunately, I couldn't say anything which would make him change his mind1.
     As soon as we had earned enough money, we started out, by car. I hoped we wouldn't have any problems at the border2; however, the customs officials3 were sure that Miguel was carrying something illegal. He denied that that was true, and then got very angry. Before I could prevent it, he attacked Mr. Ramírez, the most important customs official in the town.
     Rosana and I spent two fantastic weeks in Mexico. Of course, it would have been better if the police hadn't jailed4 Miguel. It's as if bad luck follows the poor guy. If they let him out soon, we'll return to El Paso to bring him back home... Meanwhile, be patient, Miguel, and don't make matters worse by pulling another stupid trick!5

1to change one's mind = cambiar de parecer
2the border = la frontera
3the customs official = el aduanero
4to jail = encarcelar
5to pull another stupid trick (you could rephrase this, for example: by doing another stupid thing; a stupid thing = una tontería).

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