S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Práctica para el examen final #2:
A Trip to Teotihuacán


Traduzca al inglés:

    I had been hoping to visit Teotihuacán1 for several years. Now, finally, I was there; in fact, my (tour) guide and I were standing on top of the famous Pyramid of the Sun.2 It was as if we were at the center of the universe. If I looked to the right, I could see the smaller Pyramid of the Moon. And if I had had enough courage, I could have looked down at the base of “my” pyramid, the largest in the world [measured by mass]; however, if I had done it, I would undoubtedly have fainted.3 You see, I had been suffering from acrophobia4 for several years and it was almost a miracle5 that I had managed to climb the pyramid. In fact, during that time I hadn't even gone into any building that had more than two floors. After I had rested somewhat, we began climbing down the narrow stone stairs. Although we had felt exhilarated6 at the top of the monument, both my guide and I knew I would feel much better when we reached the bottom once again, provided we didn't fall. I must have said a thousand prayers before we touched the warm Mexican earth once again. Then I asked the guide, Licenciado7 Gutiérrez, to take my picture with the pyramid in the background so I could prove I had been there. He said he would, after I retrieved my camera. I hoped he was joking; but I soon realized that I had left it “on top of the world.” If you doubt that all of this has been the truth, visit Teotihuacán and talk to Lic. Gutiérrez; and if you find my camera, please send it to me.

     1 Teotihuacán is located a few miles outside of Mexico City, and is well worth the trip. You are indeed permitted to climb the pyramids.
     2 pyramid = pirámide (f.)
     3 to faint = desmayarse
     4 acrophobia (fear of heights) = acrofobia
     5 miracle = milagro
     6 exhilarated = estimulado, -a
     7 Licenciado is a title of respect used for people who have earned the licentiate degree (roughly equivalent to our master's degree); it is widely used in the Hispanic world, for example, for engineers and lawyers.

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