S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition F. Jehle

Assignment: The conditional and “if” clauses (and more practice on the subjunctive)


  1. Write a composition of about 200 words on your own, trying to incorporate the conditional and subjunctive; for example, you could write on a topic such as “If I were president (or king, or chancellor)...”
  2. Translate the following.

To go or not to go?

     I don't know if you're going to believe this or not; if it weren't happening to me I'd think it was pure fiction.

     I received a very interesting letter two days ago. It says that I am to be at the Metro Building at 10 o'clock tomorrow; if I'm there at that time they will give me a million dollars. It's obvious this is all somewhat strange. I doubt that this is a joke, although some friends of mine insist that someone is pulling my leg.1 I've been corresponding with this organization for over five months. If I hadn't received a dozen earlier letters from them, I would have been much more skeptical.

     Everyone will be delighted if I get the money. However, it's as if this one piece of news is changing everyone. Last night my parents suggested that I buy them a new house; my *boy/girlfriend insisted that I give *him/her a BMW. And when my *sister/brother heard the news *he/she asked me to send *him/her to Europe for a year. I told them all to leave me alone [or: leave me in peace] for awhile, until I could think about everything. Right now I don't want to hear any advice which has to do with2 buying something. The truth is that that much [or: so much] money would bring with it too many problems. Life would be much easier if I weren't in this situation. I'd like to forget the whole thing. If I can find the strength, I won't go to the appointment tomorrow. Would you go if you were me?

*Your choice as to whether to make this masculine or feminine.

1 to pull someone's leg = tomarle el pelo a alguien

2 to have to do with = tener que ver con

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