S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition  F. Jehle

Tarea: Mandatos informales


  1. Write your own composition using as many command forms as possible. Some possibilities:
  2. Translate the following selection into good Spanish. It consists of a set of instructions Doña Ana has left for her servant and cook Norma, as well other instructions for another servant, Marta, and for the gardener, Diego. Assume that all commands are in the singular familiar form () unless a command is specifically addressed to more than one individual, in which case it may either be in the ustedes or vosotros form, depending on your preference. You may skip the parts in parentheses or do them for extra credit. Remember to write out all numbers.


  1. Norma: get up at 5:30, wash up or take a bath, get dressed in your regular clothes, and be ready to work by 6:00.
  2.              Wake the children at 6:15 and give the youngest a bath.
  3.              Fix breakfast and serve it to everyone; don't give the oldest any orange juice.
  4.              Send the girls to school. Take the littlest one to Linda's house for the day.
  5.              (The lawn mower is broken; therefore,) tell Diego 1not to cut the grass, 2but rather 1to repair the windows.
  6. Norma and Marta: shop for food. Buy only the best fruits. Don't pay more than 150 pesos per kilo for vegetables.
  7. Norma: call Mrs. Ramírez on the phone and tell her 1to meet me tomorrow at 2:30.
  8.              Prepare a good lunch, using the piece of ham in the refrigerator; make pudding for dessert. (Have Marta wash the dishes.)
  9.              Wash the clothes. Iron don Jorge's shirts very carefully; he 3has less than half a dozen left. Please don't burn them!
  10.              The lamps are dirty; clean them and don't break them!
  11. Diego:  We loaned Mr. Moreno several tools a week ago; go to his house and ask him for them.
  12. Norma: let the children eat supper at Mrs. Ortega's house.
  13.              Fix tacos or burritos for yourselves and don Jorge, but don't serve him any 4hot sauce.
  14.              See a movie if you want to, but don't go through the park because violent things have been happening there for two weeks.
  15.              Set the table for tomorrow morning.
  16.              Lock up the house and main gate by 10:00 and go to bed or at least go to your room.


     1 “Not to cut” and “to repair” and “to meet me ” involve a change of subject after a verb of influence. What construction is necessary? Infinitive or something else?
     2 “But rather” what follows this is a clause which contradicts something negated earlier in the sentence. What conjunction is needed? Pero or something else?
     3 “Has ... left”. There is a special verb meaning “to be left (to someone)”, used in the same type of construction as gustar.
     4 “Hot” in the sense of “spicy”.

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