Class cancelation policy for my classes (S203 & S204)

NOT in effective at present

1.  If the campus remains open but the building is closed due to a bomb threat or other reason, and a test or quiz is scheduled during that time, students are to go the the PQ (i.e., foreign language) section of the fourth floor of Helmke Library, where the test will be administered or further instructions given.

NOTE: If the library building is also under a bomb threat, a copy of this policy and a list of students in the class will be offered and/or sent to the office Campus Safety and Security.  

2. If a regular class --one in which no test or quiz involved-- is canceled due to a bomb threat or some other reason such as bad weather, students are to consult my web page < or call me to find out:

  1. The extra written assignment which must be completed and handed in with the regular written assignment during the next class meeting to help make up for some of the lost class time.
  2. The next class assignment, including any new written assignments. In general we will proceed with the syllabus as far as possible.

    Note that in the case of a regular class, you may have three assignments to do or hand in for the following class (the assignment for the missed class, the extra assignment, and the regular assignment for the following class).

If an episode of Destinos has not yet been shown in class during the week in which a class is canceled, you are responsible for viewing it outside of class on your own during that week. Material from that episode will be covered on the next test.

If you have questions about the assignments or the material, you are welcome to contact me by phone (481-6633 at the university, 485-7632 at home) or e-mail (

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