My policy for classes canceled due to weather and other emergencies

     For some 30 years this university has employed me to teach students like you, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I will do everything in my power to teach every assigned class during the semester, or else arrange for a substitute if something prevents me from being there . I consider you responsible adults who have paid money for these classes and who need them to learn the material involved. Unfortunately, class may on occasion be cancelled due to weather or other emergencies.

     Note: University administrators decide when the campus is closed for emergencies. To find out if the campus has been closed, call 481-6050 or 481-5770.  Please do not call the campus information desk. You might also try Cable College Access Channel 56 or local radio stations.

For the FIRST class cancellation in a semester:

The next class will start where we left off, and the syllabus will be adjusted to make up for the lost class. That is, you get one “free day”, but we will eventually have to make up the work. [You can go to my home page, and check the on-line version of the course syllabus.]

For the SECOND or any subsequent class cancellation:

The next class will start where we left off, but will also include the material assigned for the class date in question so that we can keep up with the syllabus and complete the material required for the semester. That is, there will be no more “free days”, and it will be your responsibility to keep up with the syllabus and the assigned work. [Again, you may check out the syllabus on my home page.]

     If any of my classes is canceled because of a bomb threat, a special bomb threat policy will be put into effect for all subsequent class sessions.

     If you have questions during one of these emergency closings, please feel free to contact me at home. My home phone number is (219) 485-7632. My home e-mail address is [Do NOT consider this an endorsement of AOL.]

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