Juan Meléndez Valdés

     Juan Meléndez Valdés* was born at Ribera del Fresno, became a professor at Salamanca, and was patronized by Jovellanos. He is considered the leader of the Salamancan Gallic school; in the War of Independence he sided with the French, fleeing later to France where he died in dishonor. His Poesías were published at Madrid in 1785; and his Life, written by Quintana, may be found with poems, in the edition of 1820. His poems are also to be found in the Biblioteca de autores españoles (vol. xix).

*Printed as Valdéz.

(Hispanic Anthology: Poems Translated from the Spanish by English and North American Poets, collected and arranged by Thomas Walsh. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1920).

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