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Fred F. Jehle

Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Dept. of International Language and Culture Studies
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

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I retired from teaching June 30, 2003. However, IPFW graciously allows my web pages to remain available on its server.

Some pages of possible interest:

  • Looking for information on aspects of Spanish grammar? You might try the page for my course S210 Second-Year Spanish Composition; dozens of grammar explanations and exercises (with answers) can be found there, plus other aids such as an index of topics covered.
  • The 119 or so forms possible for a typical Spanish verb have you confused? Maybe the section on Spanish Verb Forms will help, with complete charts on some 636 verbs.
  • IPFW Dept. of International Language and Culture Studies. Info on our department, faculty and staff, programs, activities, the text of various departmental documents and alumni newsletters (I no longer serve as webmaster).
  • Works of Miguel de Cervantes. All of the Schevill-Bonilla version of Don Quijote and the Comedias y entremeses (y poesías sueltas) is presently available, both in old and modernized spelling versions, as well as the Novelas ejemplares. Hundreds of images are also offered.
  • Publications of the Cervantes Society of America. The tables of of contents (with abstracts) for all issues of the journal Cervantes, and the complete text of hundreds of articles/notes/reviews (items published in the journal have been posted on line, but this is no longer an official site).
  • H-Cervantes, webpage for the H-Cervantes (Humanities-Net) listserv, with access to logs of on-line discussions (I no longer serve as the webmaster for the site).
  • Anthology of Spanish Poetry, also available in Spanish. Dozens of poems in Spanish, with information on metrical form for each one.
  • Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea, one of Góngora's most famous poems; this version features calligraphy and audio by Prof. Eric Vogt.

Fred Jehle

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