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Practice: Word order

Several students are discussing the long-lost S210 textbook. Write out the Spanish equivalents of the sentences involved:
Does she have the book?    ¿Tiene (ella) el libro? [¿Tiene el libro ella?] 
No, she doesn't have the book.  No, (ella) no tiene el libro. 
Who has the book?  ¿Quién tiene el libro? 
No one has it.  Nadie lo tiene. 
I have it.  Yo lo tengo. / Lo tengo yo. 
I like the book.  [A mí] me gusta el libro. 
Give it to me!  ¡Dámelo! [¡Démelo!, ¡Dénmelo!, ¡Dádmelo!] 
Don't give it to him!  No se lo des! [dé, den, deis] 
*You've got three minutes left!  ¡Te/Le/Les/Os quedan tres minutos! 
I'll give the book to the prof.  (Yo) le doy el libro al profesor. 
You'll give the book to me!  Me darás el libro a mí [dará, darán, daréis]. 
**Here it is.  Aquí lo tienes [tiene, tienen, tenéis]. 

*Reminder: “to be left, to be remaining” = quedar.

**What is the function of “it” in this sentence (subject, direct object, predicate pronoun)? Thus, what pronoun —if any— do you use here in Spanish?

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