S204 Second-Year Spanish I
F. Jehle
Spring, 2002


Course Information

     The primary purpose of the course is to improve the students' proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Spanish. Students will complete approximately half of a second-year Spanish textbook, En contacto: Gramática en acción, which features a review of basic Spanish grammar plus an introduction to more advanced grammatical structures, focusing on the development of listening and speaking skills through communicative activities. The second text to be used, En contacto: Lecturas intermedias, is a companion reader which will provide opportunities in developing writing and reading skills through the study of cultural and literary texts. The activities manual, En contacto: Cuaderno de ejercicios y laboratorio, includes both written and listening exercises, mostly self-correcting, to reinforce work done in class. Classes will be conducted in Spanish, and students are expected to use that language for communication purposes. In short, the ultimate goal is familiarity and facility with the language which should enable students to enjoyably and profitably pursue any and all aspects of Hispanic culture which might interest them.

     To accomplish these goals, it is imperative that students attend every class and use the language lab one hour per week. Class attendance is especially important for learning a foreign language because language acquisition is a cumulative process.

     Exams are scheduled after every two chapters, and quizzes are scheduled after every odd-numbered chapter. NO make-up quizzes or exams will be given unless the student has contacted the professor prior to the missed class period, or in the case of an emergency, as soon as possible thereafter. You may leave a message at the MFL Department (481-6836), which is open from 8 to 5 daily, call me at 481-6633, or send me e-mail at jehle@ipfw.edu. The final exam will be semi-comprehensive, since language is cumulative; it will concentrate on the last two chapters, but will include selected grammatical points from previous chapters.

     Specific instructions regarding the use of tapes in the language laboratory, homework assignments, and assignments in the workbook/lab manual will be given in class. If you wish your own copies of the lab tapes (to be used in conjunction with the lab manual/workbook), follow the procedures described on the lab and tape information pages.

     Evaluation of student performance in this course will be based on:

3 major exams    


3 quizzes  


class participation and oral presentation


written assignments from texts and workbook


weekly laboratory attendance


     Grading scale:

100 - 90 A
89 - 80 B
79 - 70 C
69 - 60 D
below 60 F

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