Athletic Equipment and Apparel Policy

General Equipment and Apparel Policy
  • Athletic equipment or apparel is property of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) and is solely for the purpose of competing in an athletic program.
    It is not to be used for any purpose other than team games/practices.
  • Student-Athletes (SAs) are responsible for all lost or stolen items.
  • SAs are not allowed to alter apparel or protective padding.
    If this occurs without approval of the equipment manager, the SA will be billed automatically.
  • Ordering and Receiving of Equipment and Apparel The process for ordering apparel and equipment will be as follows:
  • Coaches will be responsible for choosing the items they want to order i.e. color, quantity, sizing, logo.
  • Coaches must fill out the IPFW apparel/equipment order form..
  • All logos must be on the approved IPFW logo sheet Sheet.
  • Once the apparel/equipment order form has been submitted to the equipment manager, they will look it over for any clarification that might need to be made.
  • After approval is granted either the equipment manager or business office will place the order.

  • The process for receiving apparel and equipment will be as follows:
  • When the order is received it will be inventoried by the equipment room to insure all items are accounted for.
  • The requestor of the order will be notified of the status of the order and arrangements will be made to issue/store items.
  • Initial Issue Apparel/Equipment
  • Apparel and equipment will be issued in the equipment room based on the needs of the program.
  • SAs must be cleared through compliance and the training room prior to receiving any team issued apparel and equipment.
  • All SAs will need to fill out and sign the IPFW Athletic Equipment Sheet
  • SA will receive some career issue apparel (perishable) as well as seasonal issue apparel items for their sport.
  • Seasonal apparel items will be returned at the end of the season according to the Final Return procedures listed below.
  • Perishable apparel items will be retained by the SA unless they leave the team before they graduate.
  • If at any time during the current season the SA should leave the team they must return all items by following the Final Return procedures listed below.
  • All equipment and seasonal apparel items must be returned at the end of each season according to the Final Return procedures listed below.
  • Laundry Service Practice Apparel All athletes in those sports using the laundry service are responsible for turning in their daily practice apparel as follows:
  • Only those items issued by the athletic department as practice apparel should be placed on the laundry loop and placed in the designated laundry cart/bin immediately following practice.
  • On rare occasions or under special circumstances, personal items will be laundered.
    It is at the discretion of the head equipment manager as to what special items will be laundered.
    Personal apparel that is sport/position specific, but is used as part of competition should be cleared with the equipment manager first.
    For all personal items, the equipment room is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Laundry carts are to be returned to the equipment room 30 minutes after practice ends or it will not be washed.
    When laundry is completed it will be returned to the necessary location.
  • Laundry Service Game Apparel/Equipment The issue of game day apparel/equipment shall follow one of the three formats below:
    1. Uniforms will be placed in the lockers before home and away competitions.
    2. Uniforms will be picked up by team members/managers before home and away competitions.
    3. Programs that do not utilize the laundry services of the equipment room will be responsible for washing these uniforms.
  • Athletic apparel and equipment not returned on time will not be washed.
  • Apparel and equipment is expected to be turned in immediately after the competition is complete, or the date and time that has been arranged with the coaching staff.
  • Final Return Apparel/Equipment All equipment and seasonal apparel items must be returned at the end of each season according to the guidelines below.
  • All apparel and equipment items issued and signed for on the IPFW Athletic Equipment Sheet must be returned to the equipment room at the assigned time excluding the apparel items marked perishable.
    Generally, the return time will be the first or second day after the last game at the normal practice time.
    Coaches will confirm return date with the equipment manager.
  • If SAs are unable to be present at the equipment return date they will have five (5) days to return their items to the equipment room before student accounts are billed for missing apparel and/or equipment.
  • Individuals quitting the team prior to the end of the season are responsible for returning all apparel and equipment items issued within five (5) days of the date he/she quit the team.
  • All seasonal apparel and all equipment items issued must be returned to the equipment room.
    This is necessary in order to confirm all items are returned, and SAs athletic account has been cleared and to eliminate any unnecessary billings.
    If they do not return their equipment to the equipment room, their account may not be cleared.
  • SA will not be reissued apparel or equipment for the next season or for another sport until all items have been returned and/or student accounts have been cleared.
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