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Athletic Department Printed Material All printed material is the responsibility of the sports information director as assigned by the director of athletics. The SID along with the athletics director will make the determination of what is printed and distributed. Sports Information Questionnaire All student-athletes will be required to fill out a student-athlete questionnaire at the fall student-athlete meeting, or before their competition season begins. The SID will provide all head coaches with the appropriate questionnaires. Team Photos Photos for all publications will be arranged by the SID. Media Interviews All media interviews of student-athletes must be arranged through the SID. Coaches are asked to inform the SID of any interviews they may be giving. Coaches should inform the SID if they know of media attending practices. Reporting Scores to the Media Home: In all cases, the sports information office will be responsible to ensure that the results of an IPFW athletic event are properly disseminated to the media and other appropriate outlets. If the SID does not attend, or the home contest is off campus, the coach will be requested to phone the results to the SID for proper dissemination.

Away: The SID will make arrangements with the opposing SID for score reporting. If needed, the coach will call the SID with the results immediately following the contest.

All contests, whether won or lost, will be reported to Fort Wayne media.
Games/Match Statistics The SID will be responsible for game/player statistics at home contests. All programs are required to supply results to the SID for all away contests, if not supplied by the host SID. News Releases The SID will submit press releases on IPFW athletics to the Fort Wayne media on a daily, or weekly basis. Periodically, the SID submits feature ideas to local media, as well as the athletesí hometown media. Coaches are encouraged to contact the SID with special requests and readily submit special items that may be of interest to the media.

In accordance with NCAA Bylaw 13.11, prior to the signing of a prospect to a National Letter of Intent or institutional tender of financial aid, staff members may comment publically only to the extent of confirming its recruitment of the prospect. Therefore, prior to any public release of information (i.e. release, radio or television program) a valid letter of intent or signed grant-in-aid for the prospect must be on file.
Historical Record Keeping The SID is responsible for maintaining files and records on all present and former IPFW athletics including but not limited to: statistics, honors, awards, news clippings and photos. In some cases, the coach may be asked to assist the SID in research. Also, the SID will become the offical record keeper for team records. Website Update The Sports Information Department will be responsible for keeping the athletic department website updated in a timely fashion. Return to Athletic Department Policy and Procedures Manual

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