IPFW Subcommittee on Athletics (SCOA)

The Subcommittee on Athletics shall consist of three faculty members of each university affiliation elected by the Senate; two students selected by the students government; the faculty representative (ex officio); the NCAA compliance coordinator (ex officio); an IPFW alumnus/alumna appointed ex officio by the chief executive officer in consultation with the administrator of alumni affairs; an administrative/professional staff member; and the administrator of athletic programs. The presiding officer of the senate shall annually request the students government to select the student representatives and the administrative council to select the administrative/professional staff representative. Student representatives shall serve staggered two-year terms which commence at the beginning of the academic year. The administrative/professional staff representative shall serve for one year. Elected faculty members shall serve staggered three-year terms. The ex officio members may not chair the subcommittee.

The Subcommittee on Athletics shall: Make recommendations to the chief administrative officer concerning the annual athletic budget, both intramural and intercollegiate, and supportive activities. The budget will be submitted by the faculty representative. Approve schedules for intercollegiate sports.
Establish eligibility requirements for participation in intercollegiate athletics.
Approve participation in new intercollegiate athletic activities with consent of the senate.
Approve participation in post-season activities.
Make recommendations to the chief administrative officer concerning ticket pricing policies and seating allocations. Establish policies and procedures for athletic awards, such as letters and jackets.
Propose, for the approval of the senate, membership in athletic conference.
Advise the ex officio members.
In cooperation with the financial aid office, determine policies concerning allocation of athletic grants when available, in accordance with conference policies.
When requested by administrators, make personnel recommendations in the athletic area to the chief administrative officer.
SCOA Operational Guidelines

The intent of these guidelines is to be the framework for operational decisions to be made over time. As decisions are made a memorandum of record, or copy of actual documents, will be placed in appropriate subsections (appendixes) to this document. Other items for inclusion would be approved documents by the athletic department, Subcommittee on Athletics (SCOA) or by the university where these pertain to the athletic department itself.

Over time, this will become a reference document of the history and precedence for decisions of operational matters.

Relationship with Subcommittee on Athletics (SCOA) SCOA will clearly be the oversight body representing the faculty.
Schedules for athletic competition will be approved by SCOA.
The annual operating budget will be presented to SCOA for review. This should be on the most timely basis possible.
The athletes eligibility certification committee will be comprised of members from SCOA.
Certification and/or self studies will be led by members of SCOA.
Policy and operational guidelines will be reviewed by SCOA with the intent of advice and counsel.
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