IPFW Athletic Department Mission Statement

MISSION: Our mission is to foster an environment of academic, athletic, social, and wellness growth and knowledge. VALUES:
  1. Scholarly environment
  2. Successful goal accomplishments of community patrons and students
  3. Respect for diversity
  4. Professional commitment of staff
  5. Community partnerships
VISION: A desire to be competitive and victorious, with our catalyst being sportsmanship and commitment intended for enhanced quality of life. GOALS: Provide an innovative, relevant and challenging Wellness, Hper, and Athletic programs.
  1. Attract and retain a highly qualified and diversified staff
  2. Attract, retain, and graduate high caliber student athletes
  3. Create appropriate curriculum based on needs of community and student athlete.
  4. Assessment (evaluation) process
  5. Recognize and reward excellence in teaching and coaching
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