IPFW Athletic Department Gates Employees

Fitness/Conditioning Staff

The primary responsibilities of the fitness/conditioning staff are:
  1. Responsible for efficient operation of the conditioning rooms which include insuring the safety of individuals, facilitating the mechanics of the conditioning equipment and the security and maintenance of the facilities.
  2. Possess a general knowledge of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning principles.
  3. Understand and consistently implement the building and conditioning rooms policies and procedures.
  4. Professionally handle and report any incidents or conflicts within the conditioning rooms.
  5. Wear appropriate work attire, exhibit a neat appearance and be prepared to do cleaning maintenance on all shifts.
  6. Remain in the conditioning room alert to activity in the area. Do not leave the rooms while on duty. This is grounds for immediate dismissal. It is important that you are able to observe all weight lifters carefully to prevent accidents, provide assistance and enforce all policies. Do not prescribe.
  7. Care for the equipment daily as noted in the conditioning notebook. All cleaning will be checked.
  8. Be prepared to demonstrate the use strength training and cardiovascular equipment according to their standardized principles only. No prescribing.
  9. Understand that there is no guessing allow. If you do not know an answer, refer to the fitness/wellness coordinator.
  10. Follow proper procedures in case of fire, tornado, power failure and or injury.
  11. Understand that there are no personal work outs permitted while on duty.
  12. Monitor the tight security of free weight equipment and matching weight plate pins. Lost equipment while on duty results in a charge to you
  13. Maintain a clean, neatly organized and well operated control desk. Indicate on maintenance list when stock is low.
  14. Make sure to sign in/out during your shift in order to get paid. Your times will be checked.
  15. Refer to customer service desk daily memos before beginning each shift. This is the means of communication between sports center staff and the fitness/wellness coordinator.
  16. Carry out the standard substitution procedures. A no show is grounds for dismissal. Phone lists will be distributed and are also available in the fitness/wellness coordinator’s office.
  17. Attend employee meetings and be prepare to participate.
  18. Unless otherwise notified be prepared to work legal holidays and some breaks.
  19. Staff should avoid having visitors while on duty.
  20. No sleeping, working out, disruptive behavior, or sitting on top of the desk while on duty.
  21. Limit studying, reading, and eating to a minimal amount.
  22. Enforce the cardiovascular equipment sign-up sheet policy.
  23. Be knowledgeable of the information in the staff manual.
Customer Service Desk Staff

The primary responsibilities of the help desk supervisor are:
  1. Fee Collection:
  2. Fee collection hours are Monday-Thursday 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 noon to 8 p.m.
  3. You are responsible for all monies received during your shift.
  4. You will have a $75 change fund. Keep it a change fund, no bills larger than $20. The money is to be counted and recorded at the beginning of your shift.
  5. End Of Shift Duties At the end of your shift, complete the daily financial report in the following manner:
  6. Subtotal (x-ready) the register.
  7. Take money out of drawer and count it. The person who is relieving you should man the help desk.
  8. Count change fund and put it back into the register drawer.
  9. Staple receipt on financial report form and document the subtotal amount on the daily financial report.
  10. Count the revenue money, documenting it on the report and place it back into the register.
  11. Indicate overage or shortage. If you come up with and overage or shortage it is up to you to document a complete accurate explanation.
  12. At the end of the last night shift the supervisor is to complete the following:
  13. Subtotal (x-ready) and total (2-reading) the register, taking the tape out of the register and documenting the total amount on the report.
  14. Count the change fund ($75) leaving only ones, fives, tens, and a twenty. Place it into the change fund bag, locking it in grey cabinet.
  15. Count the revenue money, document the amount on report.
  16. Indicate overage and/or shortage.
  17. Place revenue monies, any overage money, daily financial report, register tape and any other reports that need to be submitted into the unlocked bank money bag. Do not lock.
  18. IPFW police will arrive 30 minutes prior to closing.
  19. The police will verify the money in the bag, lock it and deliver it to the bursar’s office.
  20. Building closing/opening procedures
  21. Start 30 minutes prior to closing time vacating members. This also means money report is to be complete by the time you get to this step, making sure station is secure.
  22. Lock south front and southwest back glass doors. Use the Allen wrench key on both doors of the push bar to release it upward and lock the doors into place.
  23. Turn off racquetball court lights along with area’s lights.
  24. When opening the facility do the proceeding instructions in reverse.
  25. Check athletic center facility reservation schedule
  26. In the help desk there will always be a facility reservation schedule with daily reservation in each room. The supervisor should check this schedule to ensure that they are properly using the facility.
  27. If a group leaves a room in a messy condition be sure to fill out a special or unusual situation report.
  28. Also use this to indicate on the facility schedule reservation sheet those who did not show up.
  29. The customer service desk staff member is to clean up and close the entire desk area including the register. Then proceed to secure the building and shut down equipment. Clean up the fitness/conditioning areas, lock building keys in grey cabinet, ensure that the building is secure and exit through the south entrance.
  30. Knowledge of Register Transactions
    The help desk worker is to keep the register locked while he/she is away from the front desk area. The following are daily transactions that are programmed on the register:
  31. Daily lock
  32. Daily guest and one time user fees
  33. Racquet rental
  34. Racquetball rental
  35. Answering the Telephone
  36. The phone should be answered in “Thanks for calling IPFW Hilliard Gates sports Center, my name is. . . . , how can I help you?
  37. Employees should not tie up the phone with personal business for any reason. A pay phone is located in the lobby.
  38. The phone is not to be used by participants for any reason. You should indicate where the pay phone is.
  39. Answering questions
    A member will have many questions. Try to answer their questions as accurately as possible. However, there will be times when you don’t know the answer to a question. In that case please take a message, get name and phone number and refer them to the customer service desk supervisor or the wellness/fitness coordinator (481- 6647).
  40. Keep forms in order
    The following information and forms should be completed as necessary:
  41. Maintenance sheets
  42. Complaint or suggestion forms
  43. Special or unusual situation reports
  44. Accident report forms
  45. Notices (when applicable)
  46. Participation count
  47. Sports center applications
  48. Sports center membership reciepts
  49. Fitness class attendance sheets
  50. Raquetball reservation sheets
  51. Alumni registration cards
  52. The customer service desk supervisor should collect form daily in a specific designated location to make sure all these forms are on them.
  53. Lost and found
    A lost and found system has been established in an attempt to provide a location to turn items into if found and for people to attempt to locate items they lost. Next to the help desk is a grey file cabinet which stores lost and found items for one week. After one week items will be taken to IPFW police and safety.
  54. Keys
    Keys will not be given to any participant if a door is to be unlocked. The customer service desk staff or fitness/wellness coordinator will unlock the door for them as needed.
  55. Issue of sports equipment
    All recreational sports equipment is issued by the customer service desk staff in return for the sports center membership card. The card is returned once the equipment is returned.
  56. Check athletic center facility reservation schedule
  57. In the help desk there will always be a facility reservation schedule with daily reservation in each room. The supervisor should check this schedule to ensure that they are properly using the facility.
  58. If a group leaves a room in a messy condition be sure to fill out a special or unusual situation report.
  59. Also use this to indicate on the facility schedule reservation sheet those who did not show up.
  60. Daily clean-up duties
    The following are cleaning duties which are to be performed daily:
  61. The floor around the help desk is to be swept
  62. The desk is washed off
  63. The register is dusted and washed off weekly
  64. Locker rooms paper towels are kept in adequate supply
  65. Trash is picked up from service desk and workout areas and deposited
  66. Fitness/conditioning equipment cleaning routine is completed
  67. Water jug towel is cleaned, water jugs are rinsed/cleaned
Student Employee Information Expectations It is expected of all employees to present themselves in a professional manner. Courtesy and control are a must. Therefore, it is important to remember - do not lose your temper, do not swear, or appear unprofessional toward a member. Scheduling/substitutions Schedules will run for at least two weeks at a time. A standard semester shift schedule will ne posted so workers know their assigned shifts. It may vary from time to time according to how competent the employees are at a certain position. Employees will be responsible for keeping an up-to-date availability with the facility manager. In addition, employees are to indicate in writing any days, dates and times they are unavailable for the next scheduling period. If the employee is scheduled at a time when they are unavailable, it is the responsibility of the employee to inform the staff of such a conflict. In the event an employee needs a substitute, it is the responsibility of the employee to find a qualified substitute. Next a verbal agreement must be made to substitute or switch. Finally, a completed sub slip must be signed by both people. All subs must be approved by the supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator . Substitutions must be finalized 24 hours prior to the shift beginning. If in the event the substitute fails to report to work, both employees will be held responsible. Please refer to the substitute form. Workshops and meetings Each fall all employees must attend a leadership workshop. Employees will be paid for attending but will not be scheduled if the absence is unexcused. The workshop is mandatory. Employees must also attend monthly in-service staff meetings or special meetings that are announced when deemed necessary. Employees will be paid for attending and it is mandatory. If an employee has a conflict in attending either meeting, they must inform the supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator why and to schedule a make-up meeting date. Financial accountability Employees will be held financially accountable for any equipment and/or supplies placed in their responsibility. Any items lost or broken by an employee will be replaced, repaired and/or financial restitution made by the employee upon notification by staff. Evaluation All employees will be evaluated on job performance throughout their employment. The aim of this process is to assist the employee in developing quality job performance and is viewed as in-service training. Consistently high evaluation results may result in employee benefit considerations. Substitution Policy It is the responsibility of each individual to obtain their own substitute for all reasons. Do not assume management will cover the shift. Substitutes must be taken from the list of student facility employees and must be trained in your area. All employees will be provided a list of current staff members which will include positions and telephone numbers. Please follow this procedure for covering a scheduled shift.
  1. An employee must obtain a substitute with the same or higher job classification.
  2. When an individual agrees to substitute for another employee, they must complete a substitute slip and both parties must sign it. These slips can be found in the organizational notebooks.
  3. It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain a substitute. If an individual is unable to find someone to cover the shift they are obligated to work that shift. If an employee fails to show up for the shift and does not have it covered, the employee will receive an “A” violation.
  4. If the substitute fails to work the substitute will be responsible for the shift only if all paperwork has been completed and signed by the appropriate management personnel. If all paperwork was completed and signed the substitute will be given an “A” violation for not working the shift.
Occasions will arise when using the substitute slip is not feasible. If someone arranges for a substitute verbally, extreme care should be taken to give complete and accurate information to the person substituting. When a substitute is found they should be told the following information:
  1. Time, date and workstation the substitute is to work
  2. Any special information concerning their shift
  3. Leave a message on the recorder with the fitness/wellness coordinator at 481-6647.
It is necessary that the person obtaining the substitute and the substitute notify the supervisor or the fitness/wellness coordinator of the scheduled change. The supervisor or the fitness wellness coordinator will document the change and place it on the schedule. Documentation should be obtained if at all possible prior to the shift.
Termination of Employment If an employee of the fitness center chooses to terminate their employment it is preferred that the employee give the fitness/wellness coordinator a two weeks notice. This will provide the office ample time to locate a replacement. Employees who do not follow this policy forfeit the chance for re-employment with the fitness center. Disciplinary Policy

The fitness center’s disciplinary policy is broken down into two (2) categories: Class “A” violations (grounds for termination) and Class “B” violations. Behaviors for both “A” and “B” are defined below. This list is non-inclusive.
“A” Violations
  1. An employee that does not show up for their shift without a substitute and no advance notice to the supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator will have noted in their files as a violation. Two (2) violations of this policy will lead to termination of the employee.
  2. An employee will be terminated if caught stealing from the facility, i.e., equipment, food, money, clothing, etc.
  3. Any portion of Section B of the IPFW Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, pages 29-30.
  4. If an employee has agreed to substitute for someone and the appropriate paperwork has been signed and turned in to the supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator and has their approval, the employee is responsible for the agreed upon shift. If the substitute fails to work that shift for any reason it is a violation of the above listed policy marked as number 1.
  5. Four (4) or more “B” violations will be grounds for termination.
“B” Violations
  1. An employee will be considered tardy without prior notification and an adequate reason. Special situations can be reviewed but tardiness is viewed as unacceptable and unprofessional behavior. The definition of tardiness is not being at your station appropriately dressed with the IPFW shirt on, clocked-in, and ready to begin work. If an employee knows that they will be late for their scheduled shift the employee must contact the supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator .
  2. Not wearing your shirt during your shift. Wearing the staff shirt means that the shirt is on your body and tucked in to your pants.
  3. Failing to show up to meetings that are designated mandatory. Mandatory means that everyone must be present. Meetings are called to communicate important information. We will schedule meetings to accommodate employees’ class schedules. In the event an employee must miss a meeting, please advise the supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator within 24 hours.
  4. Receiving personal calls or making emergency personal calls must be kept to a minimum of 3 minutes per shift on any facility phone.
  5. Handling members in an unprofessional manner, such as raising your voice, impatience, etc. It is necessary that positive customer relations be built.
  6. Failing to fill out the necessary daily reports/forms required for your position.
  7. Failing to perform any duty listed on the check sheet for each position.
  8. Exceeding your specified break time - no excuses.
  9. Failing to follow any policy or procedure documented in the handbook.
  10. Clock in someone else in/out on the computer.
  11. The second time an employee forgets to turn in their staff shirt. The first time is a verbal warning. The supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator will process all violations. A meeting will be scheduled addressing the reason for the violation or warning. An employee will be allowed an opportunity to discuss the matter during this meeting. A violation form will be signed by both parties and placed on file.
Dress code All supervisors are required to wear the official IPFW shirt while on duty. Do not wear it in the building while if you are not on duty. During the winter months, employees may wear a sweat shirt under the shirt. In addition to the shirt supervisors must wear pants, tailored shorts, or skirts which are compatible colors of the shirt. Blue jeans are acceptable provided they are not frayed or have holes or patches. Warm-up suits are also acceptable. Athletic Bermuda shorts, coaches pants are also acceptable during the summer months. Employees must also wear athletic shoes, not street shoes; you will be on your feet a lot. Clothing that is not acceptable: gym trunks, cut-off jeans, running shorts, sandals, work boots, tank tops, spandex shorts, hats and head-sets. Training sessions After an individual is employed they must attend a session with the supervisor or wellness fitness coordinator. Time and pace will be arranged by the wellness/fitness coordinator.

The training session will last approximately two hours. Employees will be paid for attending this session. The supervisor or fitness/wellness coordinator will verbally explain policies, procedures and expectations regarding the job. In addition, a tour of the facilities will be given. After the training session, the employee will be scheduled for one or two paid work shifts with an experienced employee.
On-duty conduct Help desk and fitness/conditioning staff members are expected to report to work 10 minutes prior to scheduled time in an alert, clear state of mind. Personal problems or concerns should not affect job performance. While on duty employees may consume soft drinks or small food items. Once again, you are representing the department - be professional. Safety Employees in all work areas are expected to maintain an awareness of safety at all times. It is the responsibility of all employees to be aware of all activities taking place within or around the facility and prohibited in the Hilliard Gates Sports Center:

The following ballistic sports during regular hours (except for spring teams) are:
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Kicking footballs
  • Rollerblading
  • Roller skating
  • Tossing weights

  • Facility employees should inform the supervisor of any action of this nature taken by the facility users.

    Employees are also expected to be aware of their own personal safety at all times. The use of physical force must be avoided. If physical violence appears imminent contact campus police and safety at 6827 (emergency number - 6911) and notify the supervisor immediately. Finally, the employee must write up the incident using the incident report form.

    If an employee should see a hazardous situation, such as water on the courts, equipment blocking an emergency exit, damaged or broken equipment, etc., please notify the supervisor immediately.

    Should an employee be injured at the fitness center while performing their job and is in need of medical attention, contact the help desk supervisor or the fitness/wellness coordinator . The employee will then need to get a medical form to take with them when they go to seek medical attention.
    Payroll procedures Pay day is every other Wednesday. Your first pay check will come two weeks after you have completed your first pay period. Pay periods run for two weeks Saturday to Sunday. Pay checks can be picked up in the administrative office after 9:00 a.m. after you sign your time card. Time clock procedures Each time you come in to work you must clock in the time clock. You will not receive credit for hours worked unless you punch in. The time clock is primarily used for more accurate recording of hours for both the employee and employer. You will be responsible for clocking in and out according to your scheduled hours and deviation from this policy will result in immediate termination. If you forget to punch in or out you must have the facility manager sign you in. Anyone who clocks in late will have their time docked to the nearest 15 minutes. Employee recognition Employee recognition criteria will be based on the following information: outstanding work performance, reliability, communication skills, conflict resolution skills and grooming. At the end of the school year an award is presented to the top student employee possessing these traits. Alarm System Instructions Central station (located in garage):
    There are two panels located in the small room inside the garage.
    1. Switch panel:
      1. Under the panel each switch represents each door that is alarmed.
      2. When the switch is toward you the bell is on.
      3. When the switch is away from you the bell is off.
      4. Inside the panel are electrical boards for each door alarm (board is up side down).
      5. Each board has a black round knob, this is a timer. If you turn the timer to the left the length of the alarm increases. If you turn the timer to the right the length of the alarm decreases.
    2. Digital keypad(located in garage basement):
      1. When the alarm goes off a flashing red number appears. This tells you which door has been intruded. Zone 1 - Gym SW door Zone 2 - Weight room Zone 3 - Gym SE door Zone 4 - Gym NE door Zone 5 - Gym NW door Zone 6 - North entrance Zone 7 - Gym front entrance Zone 8 - Loading dock door
      2. To reset: hold number 9 until the buzzer goes off then press the number 8 twice. (Hold 9 only when alarm goes off).
      3. Make sure that Zone 8 is turned off during the weekday (loading dock) so that after resetting press letter S, then the number 8. The yellow light will come on telling you that this has been shunted (the zone alarm is turned off). By pressing the number 2 it will tell you what zones have been shunted.
      4. To turn a zone off: Press the letter S then the number you want to turn off and flip the corresponding switch. When a zone is shunted you will not hear the alarm.
      5. To group shunt (for example the gym area) Switch the corresponding switches off (1,3,4,5, & 7). Press the numbers 1,3,4,5, & 7 on the digital keypad and press the letter S twice.
      6. Our personal code is the number 8. In order to get into the memory to change the code press 1,2,3,4,5,6 twice. To get out of the memory press the letter S twice.
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