IPFW Athletic Game Administration

Pass List

Pass lists will be available 72 hours prior to contest and must be returned 48 hours prior to start of contest. Coaches will be included in the department pass list and players will have a separate pass list that will be given to the coaches to be filled out. Players will be allowed only four (4) names for the pass list. All names must be spelled out (first and last) - no abbreviations, nicknames or surnames "Mr. Smith" will be permitted. It is the responsibility of the player to inform their guest to enter through the pass gate/will call doors. Policy and procedure will follow the guidelines for NCAA.

Tickets and Prices

The ticket office will open one hour prior to each contest. The Athletic Director and Business Manager will determine ticket prices. The three types of ticket are as follows: Adult (Persons 18 or older); Senior Citizen (Persons over the age of 65); Student K-12 (Persons in Kindergarten through High School).

IPFW students will be admitted free to any home contest with a valid IPFW identification card. Without the card, the student must purchase a ticket at the student price. Visiting students from other universities may purchase tickets at the student ticket price if they show a valid identification card from that university.

Persons, coaches, groups requesting a discount in ticket prices will be required to receive a rate approval from the comptrollerís office via the IPFW Department of Athletics Business Manager.

Tickets for games at the Gates Center will be printed through the Folio Ticketing System. There are no pre-sell tickets. Tickets are numbered and the nightly audit will be done after each game by the Home Event Coordinator.


IPFW Athletics offers several different types of passes to boosters and supporters of the athletic programs. Royal Dons Club members receive an All Sports Pass that allows them to admission to all IPFW Home Events based on their level of giving. They will present their membership card which will have their name and expiration date on the back and then will receive their complimentary tickets.

Complimentary Tickets

IPFW Athletics offers complimentary admission to students and certain groups. Approval for this must run through the Director of Athletics and the Game Administrator. Complimentary tickets will allow for one admission.

Courtesy Tickets

IPFW Athletics offers discounted admissions for groups and organization. One such discount is a "courtesy ticket" which has a value of $1.00. This ticket is generally given to persons chaperoning children. The Director of Athletics or Game Administrator permits the use of this ticket.

Ticket Requests

IPFW Athletics accepts ticket requests via mail or fax for groups and organization. If a list of names in a group or organization is required, that list must arrive three (3) days prior to the event. Persons receiving complimentary tickets can pick those up at the will call window on the day of the game or make prior arrangements to pick them up at the athletics office or have them mailed. Prior approval or filling ticket requests must come from the Director of Athletics or Game Administrator.

Discounted Tickets

All requests for discounted ticket prices that vary from the set university rate, must be submitted to the Director of Athletics or Business Manager. The requested rate is then submitted to the Comptrollers office for university approval.

Game Administration Set-up

Set-up for events within the Gates Center is scheduled through the Physical Plant. The gymnasium will be set up on the third shift prior to the day of the event. If bleachers are to be left in, that request must be made 48 hours prior to set-up. The gymnasium will close or the hours will be changed to accommodate team practices and visiting team practices. This will be posted within the Gates Center no later than 24 hours prior to the changes.

For events outside the confines of the Gates Center, each coaching staff is responsible for game preparation. This includes and not limited to: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Cross Country, Track and Field, and Soccer. The area for the Sports Information Director (SID) will be set up by the SID. This includes tables, chairs, clock, PA and the SID will coordinate all media schedules including scorerís table, phone lines and so forth.

Event staff workers will put out four 6 foot tables and four chairs. Workers at the stations inside the door will put out the blue traffic ropes inside the doors to serve as walkways. They will also be responsible for putting out all IPFW literature and event materials as well as game programs and media guides. If an apparel table is desired, an additional worker and table will be placed on the SE corner of the gymnasium near the concessions. Apparel will be brought down before the game begins and will require an additional cash box. At the end of the contest (half time of a single header basketball game or half time of the second game of a double header or one hour into any other contest) ticket sales will cease and the workers will fill out the appropriate audit sheet for tickets and will clean up and put away any and all materials.

Ticket Window/Pass Gates

A ticket window or table will be used for all games. IPFW does not charge for outdoor events except the Soccer Showcase. For all other events, the main ticket office will be used in the Gates Center. There will be one ticket window used for each home contest unless otherwise needed or requested (special games/events). Three doors will be used (four if a second ticket window is opened). The available entrances are the Will Call/Pass Gate, Ticket Gate (1 or 2) and the IPFW Student Pass Gate. An IPFW event staff worker will station each gate. At least six workers are needed for each home game.

Ticket booth workers

Ticket booth employees are directly supervised by the facility coordinator. Workers are required to wear identification badges. One person should be responsible for selling tickets, while the other takes tickets and marks guests off the pass list. Other responsibilities include the following:
  1. Ticket audit report generated to confirm ticket sales.
  2. Take money and give the customer the tickets. The customer will walk through the blue glass doors and hand the tickets to the ticket taker.
  3. The ticket taker is also responsible for the pass list. All names must be registered on the pass list.
  4. The ticket taker is responsible for counting the number of people who enter the gym with a pass and the type of pass it is.
  5. At the end of the evening, the ticket seller and ticket taker must count the money and fill in the ticket sheets with the pertinent information. All tickets sold must be counted for as well as all pass people.
  6. lease notify the home game administrator when finished with the tickets and they will return the money box to the safe.
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